20 Fun Things to Do as a Single Woman

Sadly, being single isn’t always about having unchecked fun – there is also stuff such as responsibilities, work, and more responsibilities. Still, there can be quite a bit of fun involved too, at least if you’re doing it right.

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What’s more, a lot of it can be much less trivial than just going to parties every Friday night.

20 Enjoyable Activities for Single Women

So, if you’re looking for suggestions, here are 20 fun things to do as a single woman.

1. Focus on That Hobby You Have Always Wanted to Do

Hobbies come in all sorts of different types, and many of the things we’ll list below can certainly be counted as kinds of hobbies too. The gist of this suggestion is quite simple, however – think of that one thing you’ve always wanted to do but have seldom had time for. Now that you’re single – you can certainly put at least some of your free time into that!

2. Take a Solo Trip

Traveling as a single woman comes with a few risks, but those can be avoided or mitigated with adequate preparations and precautions. However, the fun and sheer fulfillment that comes with solo traveling are often unparalleled. Whether we’re talking about a long solo hiking expedition, solo international travel, or a solo beach vacation, there is just something truly freeing about exploring the world on your own for a bit.

3. Try an Exercise Program

For many people, being single for a few months or years is an excellent opportunity to get back into shape. Or to get even more into shape, of course. This doesn’t have to be done with future relationship pursuits in mind either – just being fit, healthy, and gorgeous is often more than a worthy enough goal in and of itself.

4. Take Some Time for Self-care

Self-care also comes in lots of different shapes and forms, many of which are listed as activity suggestions here. For some, self-care comes down to traveling and enjoying life, for others, it’s about yoga and meditation, and yet for others – it’s about healthcare and mental care. Whatever the case, being single for even just a while is an excellent time for this sort of thing.

5. Get a Pet

No, we’re not telling you to become a “cat lady” – getting one or two cats or a dog isn’t some scary threshold you’re passing in your singlehood. We all know that having a pet is good for you, and being single is usually the best time to do it.

6. Learn a New Language

For many, learning a new language doesn’t exactly scream “fun.” Yet, not only can it be a really fun and social activity, but many of the folks who see it as “unfun” simply haven’t tried the right language for them yet.

7. Prioritize Your Career

Another activity many don’t exactly see as fun, building a career can indeed be quite satisfying and fulfilling. Plus, depending on the career, it can even be quite literally fun. More importantly, it also often results in pretty major monetary and lifestyle benefits that can be put into other hobbies later.

8. Write a Blog

If we were writing this a few years back, we’d probably recommend writing a diary. This can certainly still be a good recommendation, but something a lot of folks do instead nowadays is writing blogs. This can be as intimate or impersonal as you want – it’s a great hobby either way.

9. Try a Volunteer Org

Hobbies don’t have to just be about self-care – they can be about caring for others too. Helping those around us is often one of the most rewarding and fun activities out there, and there are few better ways to do that than to join a volunteer organization.

10. Join a Hobby Club

Having a hobby is one thing, but joining a hobby club is an entirely different kind of deal. That way, you can not only have fun on your own, but you get to meet other like-minded people, socialize, and have even more fun than you would alone.

11. Try Some Casual Dating

Being single and dating aren’t mutually exclusive. Even if you’re not looking for something serious right now, casual dating can often be a lot of fun. After all, why should only men do that?

12. Yoga Is Good for the Body And the Soul

The fact that yoga is good for our health is undisputed at this point. What’s often not mentioned, however, is how fun it can be too. Finding the right teacher and people to practice it with is often key, of course, but it’s often better to just do it on your own too.

13. Gardening Can Be Fun

If you’re lucky enough to live in a house with enough backyard space, gardening can be an amazing hobby. Whether it’s flowers or veggies, building something with bare hands and watching it grow is always incredibly rewarding.

14. Video Games Aren’t Just for Men Anymore

Yes, video games are fun – shocking, right? What’s more, the total numbers of male and female video game enthusiasts nowadays are pretty darn close to each other too. So, if you’re looking for a new thing to try, don’t dismiss video games as a “guys’ hobby” right away.

15. Try Out International Dating

Casual dating can be fun, but how about something more “out there,” such as trying to be a mail order bride, for example? Yes, the “out there” is quite literal in this case, but attempting international dating on sites such as BridesUniverse can be an incredibly freeing experience. Plus, it’s done almost entirely online at first, so there isn’t that much of an initial commitment.

16. Take a Cooking Class

Neither men nor women cook all that much nowadays. Life just feels a bit too busy for that. Yet, cooking can be incredibly fun, fulfilling, and outright delicious, making it a phenomenal skill to pick up when you have the time.

17. Pick an Unhealthy Habit to Get Rid of

Singlehood doesn’t just open up free time for new things to try – it also offers some extra time for getting rid of all unwanted and unhealthy habits too. Whether it’s stress eating, smoking, binging trash TV, or doom-scrolling on social media, being single is a great opportunity to get rid of such a habit.

18. Learn a Musical Instrument

Just like learning a new language, learning to play a musical instrument can be challenging at first but becomes incredibly fun and rewarding after a while – increasingly so with time too!

19. Take Reading More Seriously

Reading is one of those new hobbies that doesn’t have much of a “learning curve” but is exceptionally fun and fulfilling from the get-go. Especially in the age of social media and limited attention spans, getting into the habit of reading a novel a week can be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

20. Women’s Sports Are All the Rage Right Now

Why focus on something as trivial as exercise when you can become an outright athlete instead? Women’s sports are becoming incredibly popular in recent years, not only on the professional level but for amateurs as well!

Wrapping Up

Do at least a few of these sound like your kind of fun, or have you already tried them all? Or are there any other fun ideas you think we’ve missed? Being single certainly opens up a lot of free time that can be used for all sorts of interesting activities, after all, as long as you’re not overly busy with work.