3 Easy Team Building Exercises to Enhance Your Teams

Team building exercises are a great way to build trust and understanding among the team. These exercises allow people to get out of their comfort zone, learn more about each other, and have fun. They can also be used as a strategy for conflict resolution.

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Here is our take on the top 3 best team-building exercises:

Human Knot

The human knot is one of the best team-building exercises for smaller groups. For this, you need a group of 5 to 12 people and assemble them in a circle.

Each player needs to reach their left hand across the circle and hold the hand of the person opposite them. Now the trick is to not go off the grip while still trying to untangle the knot while forming a ring.

This team-building exercise revolves around improving communication, as to shift, you need to affect the entire group. Hence, teammates must discuss and develop strategies to move together without breaking the human knot. Methods include dropping towards the floor, spinning, or stepping over arms.

Count to 20

This team-building exercise is a great way to get people talking and having fun. It is also a great way to generate new ideas. The more random the numbers, the better!

In this game, everyone will sit in a circle, and a random person will start the count off. The goal is to count from 1 to 20. The goal is to rely on from one to ten without repeating numbers or having two people simultaneously say a number. If this happens, the count has to start over again. The catch? You can't talk about your number or what number you're going for next.

This game helps them learn how to work together in a group with limited communication.

Spectrum Mapping

This team-building game aims to encourage teammates to welcome differences of perspectives and opinions that people might have on several topics. This likewise helps promote a meaningful environment in the workplace.

It can be done by each teammate brainstorming an idea and writing down several sticky notes related to that. Topics can include company culture, upcoming projects, and more.

Next, put these notes on a wall and ask everyone to give their opinion about the specific topic by writing it on a sticky note. Participants need to put their messages in a horizontal line. Once everyone is done, let the group sort them all by keeping all the similar views together on one side and opposing views alone. Then get everyone's insight on all kinds of opinions to encourage a welcoming and learning environment.


Blindfolded drawing: In this exercise, one person draws something while wearing a blindfold and other team members try to guess what is drawn.

Trust fall: In this exercise, one person is asked to stand on a raised platform and hold their hands outstretched as they fall back into another team member's arms.

Maze walk: In this exercise, one person has to lead other members through a maze without speaking or making any sound, so they do not get lost.