35+ New Hobbies to Try for Teens That Are Fun

If you are a teenager wanting to investigate novel and fun hobbies and add some buzz to your life, you are in good fortune!

In this blog post, we have assembled some cool hobbies that are enjoyable and help you pick up new skills and expose hidden talents.

Whether you enjoy arts and crafts, sports, music, or technology – there is something here for all tastes!

So why wait? Step out of your comfort zone today. Try something new! Read on to find the perfect hobby that piques your interest – then step on an amazing trail of self-discovery!

Short Summary

Stand-Up Comedy

Female ventriloquist during show with puppet.
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Do you have a talent for making people laugh? Then why not try your hand at stand-up comedy? It's an exciting pastime that lets you unleash your sense of humor and display your quick wit.

From open mic nights to clubs, there are plenty of places where you can make the most serious person in the room double over with laughter. Grab a microphone, work on your timing, and prepare to leave audiences in stitches with this fun hobby!

Start a YouTube Channel

If you're tech-savvy and enjoy creating content, then starting your own YouTube channel could be just a hobby for you. Vlog about anything from day-to-day life to YouTube tutorials on things you love doing – and let the endless creativity and self-expression opportunities run wild!

Who knows who'll end up subscribing and watching as this hobby turns into becoming an internet sensation? This fun and creative hobby will let your creative juices flowing! And maybe you'll even earn some extra pocket money.

Rock Climbing

Looking for some excitement while keeping fit? Why not give rock climbing a go? This outdoor sport challenges physical strength and mental agility as you scale towering cliffs.

With proper training (and safety equipment), rock climbing can be incredibly exhilarating – plus, it's rewarding when all that effort pays off. So put those climbing shoes on, strap yourself into that harness, and aim high as part of this thrill-seeking adventure sport!

Jewelry Making

Different goldsmiths tools on the jewelry workplace.
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Unleash the artisan within by creating fabulous accessories with jewelry making. This art form lets you fashion unique items that reflect your personality, including stunning necklaces and one-of-a-kind bracelets – without setting foot outside your home!

With limitless materials and techniques, this great hobby guarantees hours of fun experimenting with designs that'll wow friends or family. It's time to get arty and create some wearable pizzazz!

Foreign Language Learning

Get set for adventure as you explore a new world through learning a foreign language - an important life skill.

Whether it's French, Spanish, Mandarin, or any other language that takes your fancy, studying a new language opens doors to different cultures and experiences.

Find out how it feels to immerse yourself in vocabulary, grammar, and conversation practice via comprehensive online courses or language exchange programs – then be prepared for mind-broadening adventures communicating with folks worldwide.

Walking in the Fresh Air

Sometimes, simple pastimes bring the greatest joy. So log off those screens, slip into something comfy on your feet, and head outdoors for a refreshing stroll.

Walking is great exercise and clears the mind beautifully - it helps enhance your physical and emotional health.

Seek green spaces nearby, such as nature trails or pretty paths and roundabouts where birds flit overhead or leave crunch beneath footwear. This relaxing hobby is an easy way to unwind when life gets hectic!

Soap Making

Hand cutting homemade soap.
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Enter the fascinating realm of soap-making, where artistry meets science! Blend a variety of scents, colors, and textures to produce your very own luxurious soaps.

It is a therapeutic pastime that's both creative and rewarding, but you'll also enjoy the fruits of your labor daily when you wash!

So grab some molds and essential oils and prepare to become immersed in creating beautiful bars! It's one of the most exciting hobbies for teens!

Designing Own Clothes

Unleash your inner fashionista by designing clothes just for you! With basic sewing skills and an eye for style, anyone can turn fabric into fabulous outfits.

From sketching ideas to choosing patterns and fabrics, designing your own garments enables you to express who you are through what you wear. Besides, it develops your creativity - one of the most important life skills!

Whether it's beautiful dresses or funky T-shirts, seize control of your fashion journey today – and experience the joy of wearing unique clothing items.

Dog Training

If animals are your passion - particularly our four-legged friends - why not consider dog walking and training as a hobby and a fun way to spend time?

Not only does dog training help strengthen the bond between human beings and their dogs, but it also teaches pets good behavior (and obedience!).

Whether it's teaching simple tricks like "sit" or "stay" or something more advanced like agility training – dog training offers limitless fun opportunities for owners everywhere. So fetch some treats, pick up a lead –and embark upon an exciting journey filled with wagging tails today!

Candle Making

Young woman preparing for her bath time.
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Shed light on your artistic side by embracing the enchanting world of candlemaking. Play with different hues, scents, and molds to produce stunning candles that look beautiful and fill any space with a warm and cozy glow.

It's a therapeutic pursuit in its own right, but you can also gift your handiwork to friends and family – mundane moments are transformed into something special by the magic of flickering flame.

Learning Sign Language

Open doors to a new community and enhance your communication skills by learning sign language.

Whether you have deaf friends or want to make a difference, mastering sign language is about understanding and inclusivity. Besides, it will enhance your self-esteem and problem-solving skills, too!

Dive into classes or online tutorials and discover a graceful way of expressing yourself via elegant hand movements, facial expressions, and body language.

Creative Writing

Let loose that imagination onto paper through creative writing. With an unlimited canvas, create worlds, weave intricate plots, or bring fascinating characters convincingly to life.

No matter whether it's poetry straight from the soul or short stories transporting readers to another dimension altogether - it's one of the most exciting hobbies for teens!

Creative writing offers unparalleled self-expression opportunities, so grab that pen now; let those thoughts flow freely – and wow!


Medium shot specialized photographer taking photos.
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The art of capturing moments, freezing time, and telling stories through the lens of a camera. With photography, you can explore the world and discover beauty in even the smallest detail. From landscapes to portraits, there are no boundaries here.

Unleash your creativity as you experiment with different angles, lighting, and composition. Enhance your photographic journey by utilizing tools like PhotoLeap app, which offers innovative editing features to elevate your images to professional levels. So grab that camera, get behind the lens, and create breathtaking images that will leave everyone who sees them in awe.

Painting Or Drawing

Release your inner artist by taking up painting or drawing as a hobby. Whether it's watercolors, acrylics, or a pencil, this creative outlet allows you to express yourself in vibrant colors and intricate lines.

Dive into a world where imagination knows no limits; blank canvases become mesmerizing works of art when painted on; pieces of paper come alive with creativity when drawn on.


Attention, all adrenaline junkies! Get strapped onto a skateboard, kick off with an almighty rush of exhilaration, and ride like tomorrow is but another word away!

Skateboarding isn't just about sport that most teens love. It's also about fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, balance, skill, and style!

You'll be mastering tricks at skate parks one minute, then gliding confidently down streets the next – all while gaining strength and coordination along the way! So grab yourself a board and embrace freedom on wheels!


Do you have a wealth of opinions and a passion for storytelling? Jump into podcasting! With your voice and a microphone, you can create captivating audio content on any topic piques your interest.

From true crime to comedy, the possibilities are endless. Share your thoughts, experiences, and unique perspectives with people worldwide in this rapidly growing medium.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Couple of pro gamers with vr headsets participate in the game battle.
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Want to lose yourself in another dimension? Take gaming to the next level with virtual reality (VR) gaming – where interactive virtual worlds surround you.

Do the headset, grab those controllers, and prepare for an experience that blurs reality with fantasy. Whether battling bad guys through epic adventures or exploring breathtaking virtual landscapes, VR gaming is as immersive as hobbies.

Nail Art

Flaunt your creative side by diving headfirst into nail art! Nail art transforms basic nails into spectacular three-dimensional canvases using painting techniques, stamping, or even adding gems and glitter. Get expressive with vibrant colors or intricate patterns – there are no limits here.

If you want each finger to be themed differently, then go ahead! Explore this artistic hobby now; truly tiny masterpieces lie at your fingertips!

Martial Arts

Ready to improve your discipline, self-defense skills, and confidence? Martial arts is the perfect choice for you. From karate to judo, taekwondo to jiu-jitsu, there's a martial art for every taste.

Expect better balance and strength from regular training – not to mention life skills like focus, respect, and self-control that will set you up for success. Becoming an actual superhero starts here!

Musical Instrument Playing

If music has always been your passion, but you've never picked up an instrument, it's time to change that. Whether you choose guitar or piano, violin or drums, playing a musical instrument gives you a new way of expressing yourself.

Even if it takes months of practice before you're happy with what comes out of your chosen instrument! It's about getting lost in the melodies and taking yourself on a journey through sound.

Magic Tricks Practicing

Woman reading tarot at home.
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Shazam! Want to add some wonderment to your world? And impress friends while doing so? You need magic tricks in your life. Be it card tricks that warp minds or spectacular illusions that seem impossible, practicing magic is one giant exercise in entertainment opportunity spotting.

Put some work into mastering performance showmanship alongside some technical know-how – and poof! People are left stunned by those tricks, right? Get ready for applause and gasps as soon as performing these incredible feats becomes second nature.

Cooking Or Baking

Have an appetite for taste and a penchant for kitchen experiments? Then cooking or baking is the perfect hobby!

Test new recipes, explore different techniques, tantalize your taste buds, and wow friends and family with mouth-watering creations. So put on that apron, sharpen those knives – let's cook up a storm!

DIY Science Experiments

For anyone who likes to ask why (anything), DIY science experiments are fun-packed learning in action. Build your erupting volcanic mountain, brew some slime, or even launch homemade rockets – all from the comfort of home.

Get hands-on experience with chemistry, physics, and biology while sparking curiosity about how the world works.

Dance Classes

Ready to groove? Dance classes are a great way to stay fit and provide an outlet for creative self-expression through movement.

Whether you choose ballet, hip-hop hooping, or contemporary styles, dancing isn't just fancy footwork - it's about boosting confidence, improving coordination, and letting loose on the dance floor! So get your dancing shoes on and feel that rhythm.

Escape Room Challenges

Are you a fan of puzzles and mysteries? If so, escape room challenges might be just your thing! Step into a specially-themed room full of hidden objects, mind-bending mysteries, and clues.

Work with friends to crack codes and puzzle your way out before the clock stops ticking – all while having an adrenaline-fuelled adventure.

Belly Dancing

Ballet dancer or classic ballerina dancing isolated on dark background.
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Take yourself on a captivating journey of rhythm and movement with belly dancing. Focusing on isolating different parts of the body to create flowing movements, this beautiful dance form originates from the Middle East.

Not only will it improve flexibility and coordination, but it is also known for boosting self-expression and confidence. So throw yourself into the enchanting music, give those hips a good shake – who knows what passion you'll discover?

Urban Gardening

Do you need acres of space to grow food or enjoy greenery at home? Think again! Urban gardening lets you turn even tiny spaces, such as balconies or windowsills, into lush gardens.

Whether it's herbs, veg, or ornamental plants that float your boat, urban gardening offers lots of satisfaction in nurturing new life from seedlings to fully fledged plants - right outside your door! Get stuck in – nature's wonders await.


Craving some brainpower-fueled creativity? Robotics is a hobby that lets you get hands-on with tech, turning clever ideas into real-life inventions.

This hobby's got everything from building intricate machines to battling bots. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and start tinkering – it's time to mix science, imagination, and endless possibilities.


Fancy yourself as the next Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen? Archery could be right up your street. Drawing back the bowstring, lining up the shot, and then letting fly...

It takes focus and precision but also feels seriously cool. Not only does archery help improve concentration, but it's also an outdoorsy way to pretend you're a top-notch marksman.


Beekeeper in protective workwear holding honeycomb outdoors.
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Got a buzz for learning something new? Give beekeeping a try. It isn't just about getting close to nature – although that's pretty great itself – it also contributes directly towards looking after our planet by supporting pollination.

With suitable gear and training, set up your hives at home and watch these little critters in action while they make delicious honey. Want more sweetness in your life? Start here!


Are you prepared to unleash your inner ninja? Parkour, also called free running, is an exhilarating pursuit and cool hobby that sees participants sprinting, vaulting, and somersaulting over obstacles in the most innovative ways they can muster.

It's like being inside an action film! Not only does it deliver a high-octane rush, but it also boosts your strength, agility, and coordination. So why not leap into the world of parkour and turn yourself into an urban acrobat? Super fun!

Film Making

If you have a natural flair for storytelling and love capturing moments on camera, then filmmaking could be for you. From writing scripts to framing shots and editing footage – this hobby allows you to tell stories using pictures.

You don't need fancy kit anymore, either – smartphones come with amazing cameras, so grab some mates as actors and let your imagination run wild.


Hand holding compass points the way westward.
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Fancy going on a treasure hunt with a difference? Well, geocaching combines adventure with technology as users search for hidden containers called geocaches using GPS coordinates.

These can be found all over the planet – from mountain tops to city streets! Each cache usually contains something unique, such as small trinkets or logbooks where explorers share their experiences. Start an up-to-date version of hide-and-seek by uncovering hidden gems in unexpected places!


Relive your memories and unleash your creativity with scrapbooking. This expressive hobby personalizes photo albums using pretty papers, decorative bits, and handwritten notes.

It transforms everything from family vacations to priceless milestones into "pages" that are so artistic you can hang them. Blow the dust off those old photos, grab supplies, and watch beautiful pages pop.

Model Building

Do you love miniatures and the thought of tiny, teeny details? Model building is a way to flex your inner architect/engineer.

Whether it's planes, cars, or great architectural landmarks, assembling a kit teaches patience—everything fits just so—and precision as you create something awe-inspiring in your living room. Ready for a craft-ish journey? Time to make something amazing!

Comic Book Collecting

A pile of comics sitting next to each other.
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Want superheroes? Adventure? Are you fascinated by alternate universes? Enter comic book collecting—a hobby that lets you indulge all of the above while amassing an envy-worthy collection simultaneously (go big fast!).

From Supes and Batman to graphic novels telling every type of story under the sun in glorious visual format, rare finds, and investments. Each new release means getting sucked even deeper into comics' exhilarating vortex!


As a teenager, trying new and fun hobbies is really important. It's fun and helps us learn about ourselves and grow as people. You can do many different things to have fun and work out who you are.

You might want to test your comic skills with some stand-up comedy or start a YouTube channel where you share useful tips for other young people like you. Or perhaps risking life and limb is more your thing? In that case, parkour could be right up your street.

These pastimes will all give you something different and teach valuable lessons. Don't be scared of trying them: embrace the excitement of making that leap into something unfamiliar.

So get going – pick one from our list or find another passion; whatever it may be, enjoy! Exploring what fires up your enthusiasm now will help ensure the future feels bright and purposeful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Young people enjoy a range of hobbies, such as gaming, photography, dancing, painting, playing musical instruments, and participating in sports.

How Do I Discover a New Hobby?

If you want to find a new hobby but don't know where to start, try exploring your interests. Think about things that give you pleasure or activities you've always wanted to have a go at. Look for classes or clubs near you or ideas on the internet - and be open to trying something completely new!

What Fun Hobbies Do 16-year-olds Have?

Popular hobbies among 16-year-olds include taking up a musical instrument, writing stories, poetry, or journal entries, drawing or painting pictures with different tools, experimenting in the kitchen with food and drink recipes, skateboarding, or BMX-ing at skate parks.

What Are Active Solo Hobbies?

Engaging in activities like running or jogging, hiking or strolling through nature, biking, swimming laps, doing yoga on your own using online tutorials/videos, jumping rope, and participating in individual sports such as tennis or golf are all examples of active solo hobbies.