4 Reasons to Stay in Scarborough When Visiting Ontario

Scarborough resides on Lake Ontario, sitting on the south side of the lake. Although not as well-known as Downtown Toronto, it’s becoming increasingly popular by the year as more people recognise its beauty and vibrance.

Photo of Scarborough City Centre
Scarborough City Centre - Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Whether you’re heading to Canada for a business trip, leisurely travel, or study, Scarborough is definitely somewhere you should consider. Its location makes it ideal for travelling to other areas of Toronto or extending into the wider area.

Below, we have covered four reasons to stay in Scarborough when you are next visiting Ontario.

Variety of Accommodation Options

Scarborough has a wide variety of accommodation options that are suitable for people of all needs. Whether you are travelling solo and need a small studio or you are taking a vacation to Ontario with young children and need a family home, you won’t struggle to find a suitable place to stay.

You can find short-term rentals for trips to Scarborough if you are staying in the area for an extended period. You have a choice of furnished or unfurnished condos, apartment, and larger homes within the borough, depending on what you are looking for.

Entertainment And Attractions

Scarborough is home to a wide array of tourist attractions and entertainment facilities. You can explore Toronto Zoo, which is home to over 5000 animals of almost 500 different species.

Alternatively, you can head to Scarborough Bluffs if you’re a nature lover. This series of limestone cliffs leads down to a sandy beach known as Bluffer’s Beach, where you can take a swim or relax on the sand whilst enjoying the breathtaking views.

There are several other entertainment facilities that are perfect for the whole family, including museums, theatres, recreation centres, and escape rooms.

Large Parks And Gardens

If you ask somebody who loves spending time outdoors and breathing fresh air, you won’t be disappointed with Scarborough. This area of Toronto houses several large open spaces and parks that are perfect for outdoor workouts, leisurely strolls, or family picnics.

One of the most visited and well-known parks in Scarborough is Guild Park and Gardens, which comprises various nature paths, flower gardens, and historical sculptures. Walking through Guild Park and Gardens is a great way to escape the busy shopping malls or entertaining areas if you fancy spending some time by yourself whilst visiting Scarborough.

Transport Network And Accessibility

Scarborough is in close proximity to many other areas of Ontario. It has a reliable and trusted public transport network that includes buses, subways, and trains (the GO Transit trains), so you won’t struggle to explore the surrounding areas during your trip.

If you stay in Scarborough, you can easily take day trips to nearby burrows to export everything that Ontario has to offer. it’s the perfect middle-ground area for those of you who love exploring and want to get the most out of your time away from home.