5 Places Where All Business Owners Should Consider Placing Their Logo

The logo of your business is one of the first things consumers will see from your company, and it’s often one of the most memorable parts of a business. This is why it’s important to take your time when creating (or having someone else create) your company’s logo: it’s going to be seen by potentially millions of people across the globe. However, for this to become a reality, here are five places where all business owners should consider placing their logo— in addition to their products.

A person is drawing logos.
Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

1. Website And Social Media

First off, all businesses should have a website and a presence on social media. It’s no secret that we live in a digital world, as the global pandemic in 2020 reinforced that. However, we’ve been in a digital world long before then, with more than half of the world’s population having access to the internet and about half of that population being active on social media. Having a strong digital presence allows you to take advantage of digital marketing techniques such as:

It’s also important to mention that while digital marketing is going to help you reach more people quickly, you don’t have to completely disregard traditional forms of marketing— especially if your business serves your local community. Take advantage of billboards, newspaper ads, and TV commercials as well. Just make sure that your company name and logo are visible.

2. Uniforms

Not all businesses require their employees to wear uniforms, but for those that do, you’ll want a cohesive look. Also, some businesses may have a dress code, such as formal wear, but a uniform means that everyone is wearing the same thing (or a variation of it), such as khaki pants and a certain color polo shirt. The latter is a common uniform that many companies require, and it’s also the easiest to have your logo placed on.

If your business is more laid-back and casual, consider T-shirts instead of polo shirts. You can also place your logo on hats, hoodies, sweatshirts, and any other type of clothing appropriate to your type of business.

3. Storefront

If you’re an online-only business (also called e-commerce), then your website is your storefront— and your logo should already be placed there. However, if you’re a traditional brick-and-mortar/in-person business, then it goes without saying that your logo (and company name) should be on your storefront. This can be tricky at times, as all building types can’t support heavy signs— especially if your name is longer. An alternative would be to have your company name and logo printed on the front door of your business.

4. Promotional Items

Promotional items are accessories that bear your company name and logo and can be sold alongside your merchandise, or given away as a gift with a purchase. These items are also usually seen by other people, making them great for advertising. Examples of the most common promotional items include:

While promotional items are fun, they’re usually ordered by companies in bulk. With that being said, it’s important to choose a promotional item that relates to your business and would be used by your customers. For example, cosmetic businesses can sell promotional makeup bags, especially if makeup influencers use their products.

5. Everyday Items

Everyday items, like promotional items, can also bear your company’s name and logo, but they may or may not be seen by a large group of people. Some of the most common examples of these types of items include pens and pencils, stationery, and stress balls. However, just because they’re not seen as much as promotional items doesn’t mean that your customers won’t enjoy having them— or even need them. A good example of this would be a box cutter with your logo for customers to use to open the packages they’ve ordered from you.

Don’t forget to also have your company name and logo visible on all professional emails you send, packaging, business cards, invoices, mailing labels, and even envelopes. As a business owner, your goal is to become successful by making money, and you can’t make money if people don’t know that your business exists in the first place. Placing your logo on as many things and as many places as possible (that makes sense to your business) is the best way to get the word out about your company.