A Gamble Or for Fun

Breaking down bets from a long long time ago has been a part of our ancestors and evolution in the history of humankind. In school making wagers on items and toys to win or lose. Adults in the street baterting and making deals to get something in return or prove something.

Two men are arm wrestling.
Photo by Ryan McGuire on Pixabay

It's an anarchy dog eat dog world. Everyone is out for only themselves, a survival tactic which makes more obvious sense in the act of doing so. Today in 2022, online bets and keeping score with the NASCAR’s latest AutoTrader EchoPark Automotive 500, either for fun or checking your wins or losses for the foreseeable future. Or horse racing derbies that are put on yearly or some even weekly but at a smaller scale.

Lining up your prospects and deals with other players or with the facility holding the race itself. For the sports fans of any kind, gambling and betting is an automatic duty that goes along with the game, even if it's a fantasy league or friendly banter.

It's a demanding yet rewarding game that almost every person has participated in whether you realised it or not. The smallest bet can be made just by telling a friend or loved one, in a friendly conversation over something usually petty or not given much importance. Whichever person is right, will buy the next round of drinks or lunch date. The comradery with others is an addictive and enticing way of being together and keeps things amusing even if its light hearted deals with each other.

Gaming at Its Best

For the gamers that play for fun or the committed professionals that play for big wins and stocks, rivalry and competing is just as paramount and major as it is for sports fanatics.

The game may be different with nothing alike finish endings. Ones with real lives at play who make a living as an athlete, and others that walk away with wins in an animated screen or sad faces of fellow players.

A bet is a bet, costing you a lot of money or a laugh with a pal. Civilization ironically, have played this game subconsciously. Funny enough, for many of us who don't consider it to have any interest in any type of sport or gambling. We all have been there or will probably fall for it again before we even realise it.