A Selection of Gaming Startups to Keep Tabs on in 2022 And Beyond

When assessing the extensive selection of new and exciting startups out there, the gaming world is filled with many of them. Given the fact that the video game industry is now bigger than the movie and music industries combined, it’s entirely understandable why more and more businesses would emerge in what is an ever-changing and constantly evolving category.

A scene of a fight between 2 Marvel characters.
Image from MARVEL Strike Force website

There are new gaming trends emerging in the modern world all the time, from people accessing virtual reality gaming products to being able to sample intricate console releases on portable handheld devices like a Nintendo Switch. Smartphone innovation has led to dramatic improvements being made in the mobile gaming arena also, with people accessing console-quality titles like PUBG, alongside hugely popular casino games like the Megaways Slots collection. Overall, the landscape of gaming has never looked healthier, with a number of innovative startups contributing to its rapid growth.

With plenty of room to grow further and an innovative space that is showing no signs of slowing down, many experts are predicting that the video game industry could reach a value of $293 billion by 2027. With a selection of gaming startups continuing to impact this particular category of entertainment, let’s take at some of them below.

Drop Fake

Founded in 2021, Drop Fake is a San Francisco-based startup with undoubted potential. Also championing underrepresented groups, with 50% of its employees coming from diverse backgrounds, Drop Fake is a company worth supporting. Additionally, it insists that its employees work remotely, something we are seeing more of in the modern world. While its cross-platform, 4X strategy product isn’t finished yet, it’s something many people from the gaming world are excited about.


As previously mentioned, mobile gaming is booming right now. One of the main reasons behind its rise is the casual gaming package it provides for people in need of some entertainment as and when it suits them. A games developer offering titles that fit the bill in that respect, Scopely entered this highly competitive market in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since. Focussing on puzzle products and role-playing games in particular, successful releases include the likes of The Walking Dead - Road to Survival and MARVEL Strike Force.

Twin Suns

Twin suns corporation's logo.
Image from Twin Suns' website

Based in Seattle since 2020, Twin Suns is a gaming startup that is growing in reputation. With an expert team joining forces to create a variety of impressive gaming products, it’s a gaming startup with a seemingly bright future. From Hitman’s executive producer to other industry specialists working in the company, Twin Suns is a startup with massive potential.

Epic Games

Epic Games is a big player in the space these days, but it hasn’t always been the case. Founded in 1991, the North Carolina-based company gained a lot of recognition off the back of Fortnite, a game that managed to bring in $5.5billion in revenue for the company in 2020 alone. The company is aiming to build on the success of Fortnite with the largest metaverse project to date after raising $1 billion in funding. Given Epic Games’ track record, its latest dive into the metaverse is definitely intriguing.

Merge Games

Working out of Manchester in the UK, Merge Games possesses a talented team of employees who have worked for the likes of Sony and Nintendo in the past. Teaming up with independent game developers in particular, the company fine-tunes products before they enter the marketplace. A trusted name since 2010, Merge Games has impacted the game-building process of so many notable releases.

Other startups to follow includes 2Watch, Chaos Karts, HB Studios, One Earth Rising, Piffle, and Candivore.