Are There Ways to Earn Money By Gaming? Find Out Here

If you told someone that you can make money by playing video games 15 years ago, you would be called crazy. If you told them that you just play games, you would still be a weirdo to a majority of players. Gaming is much more mainstream now, it is not just a quirky and niche hobby for single people. It is so mainstream that it has become monetized and an integral part of today’s culture.

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Everyone knows about the big stories of streamers and influencers who just sit around doing nothing. But, making money from gaming is not as simple as many people want you to believe. It is very important to read about this subject before you start making big decisions about your life. But if you want just a bit extra cash on the side, it gets much more simple and more achievable.

Mobile Games

People do not know about this fact but mobile games are on top of the gaming industry right now. It is quite simple, everyone has a phone and thus everyone can play. And yes, mobile games now pay real money by just playing them. Some games require you to pay a fee before you start plating, while some are completely free. The best thing is, it does not hurt you at all to just try and who knows, maybe you will get a couple of bucks from your phone.

Other games require you to get to a certain amount of money before you can withdraw, so you must be patient. Some require a bit more skill to get the money, like pool games. And some games require the bare minimum that just boils down to completing surveys. It is pretty simple and imagine getting money from the comfort of your home and just a phone. And, these games are not hard to find, there are a lot of options out there and all are completely legit.

Professional Gaming

This way of earning money through gaming is much more complex than the aforementioned way. However, this income is more stable and usually comes with a bigger paycheck. But before you get there, you will need to play really, extremely well. Most of your life should be spent playing that game until you become a real professional and someone scouts you. This is why this way is risky, you can fail and waste a lot of time before you see any cash.

However, once the money starts rolling, you will be pretty pleased with what you are doing. You will be playing games for money and more than just money. A lot of sponsorship will also come your way and thus many more free royalties only for you. Everyone already knows the picture of such famous players, but it is not all fun and games. This kind of job does get stressful, really stressful once you know what these contracts want from you.


This way of earning some money from gaming is the most popular one. Everyone knows that streamers just put their face on a camera, play, and the cash starts rolling. However, the road to that point is quite sturdy and many people just do not make it. Getting money this way is not as easy and you need some luck, a lot of luck to make it as a streamer. And once you do get to that point, you need to stay constituent if you want to make more money.

It is not as simple as just filming yourself, you need a lot more certain charisma to make it. Your competition is much much bigger than that of professional gaming. At the start, you will just be talking to a camera and no one else for hours to end. Sometimes, one person will come and you will be happy if they give you two dollars for your time. Again, this comes at a big risk of just not making it and just wasting your time doing nothing.


Youtube is a bit different from streaming, with both pros and cons. Pros are that you have a bigger chance of making it through the YouTube algorithm. Once the money starts rolling you will have a much more stable income. You will be able to make a variety of content and not just play games.

Being a YouTuber is a bit simpler because you only need to put up a facade while you are filming and you can edit it. If a mistake happens, you can just cut that out before you release it to the world. On the other hand, you still need to be consistent and you will need to edit your videos. The money is also not as secure because of very random demonetization policies.

Developing a Game

You can earn money by gaming if you are the one who makes the game. You do not need to be a software developer, there are a lot more other positions game studios need. From voice actors to quality control and marketing, there are a lot of options. You probably even know someone already who works in a gaming studio, hit them up.

There are a lot of new game studios out there seeking eager people with hidden talent. Of course, this is not as simple as it is written, but the money is much more stable. It is like finding a real job and much less risky than the aforementioned endeavors.

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As you can see fellow gamers, there are quite a few things that are not pleasant in the real world. However, by reading about this and educating yourself, you can overcome these unpleasant challenges. In the end, it does have to be this way, but then you can start thinking about real money. By understanding these hardships, you will encounter a lot less stress on this unique journey of making money from gaming.

Even better, you now know that you can make a bit of extra cash on your phone. You live and you learn, and use that to make money. It is all about being resourceful, we would not have these options if it were not for some early trailblazers.