EssayHub Reviews: Is It a Legit Website to Write Your Essay in 2023?

Homework often takes the form of repetitive, monotonous tasks that fail to engage students. Instead of creative projects that can stimulate them intellectually, students have to deal with the same boring essays. They find it difficult to stay motivated when these tasks simply don’t connect with their goals.

To make matters worse, monotonous tasks often take up all your precious time, and you can’t give your full attention to your real priorities. The problem of managing the workload with so many tedious “background” assignments is painfully familiar to all students.

One of the ways to deal with them is to delegate. Paper writing services are available for all types of academic coursework. However, with so many options on the market, it might be time-consuming to find the right one for your needs.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Susan Anne Mason, an essay writer and academic expert. I dedicated my entire career to helping students succeed academically. Today, I want to offer you my mystery shopping review of the popular service called, where students ask “write my research paper”. Let’s dive into its offers, features, and potential value for you.

Quick Overview

Screen shot of essay hub application.

Before we move on to the in-depth EssayHub reviews, let’s make it clear what the service is and who it is for.

EssayHub is a 24/7 writing service that helps students with different types of academic papers. You can use it for writing, rewriting, and editing assistance. EssayHub prioritized research, plagiarism-free work, and a custom approach.

It could be useful to students who experience time management challenges, a lack of time, or an excessive amount of homework.

EssayHub Review Methods And Criteria

My goal was to review all aspects of EssayHub: from the initial impression to the result of collaboration with its writers. I chose a mystery shopping approach.

I contacted the service as a client and placed two orders with different requirements:

  1. Research paper in Psychology — “Exploring the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy in treating anxiety disorders.” 4 pages. 2-week deadline.
  2. Essay in Data Science — “Examining the ethical implications of using big data analytics in decision-making processes.” 2 pages. 6-hour deadline.

My criteria for evaluating EssayHub included:

Pros And Cons

If you have an urgent paper to get done and have no time for detailed EssayHub reviews, here’s a quick overview of the key advantages and drawbacks of the service:



Notes on My Experience

My experience with EssayHub was nothing else but professional and seamless. But let’s discuss each aspect step by step.

Online Reputation — 4.8/5

Screen shot of essay hub application.

The first thing you find out about a writing service is, of course, its online reputation. Generally, students have good impressions from their collaboration with EssayHub. It has an almost perfect rating on all popular review platforms and is often recommended by students on Reddit and other similar platforms.

My own experience is no different, and I would gladly recommend EssayHub to anyone who needs help with essay writing and research.

Prices — 4.3/5

The financial side is particularly important to students since a lot of them are tight on cash. The cost of writing help starts at about $11 per page. Yet, you can get yourself a pretty good discount with an EssayHub promo code. The service also offers a price reduction if you order several pages at once. This discount can grow up to 40%!

That’s not all. EssayHub offers a couple of freebies. For example, the writer will create your title and reference pages for free. You also don’t need to pay for a plagiarism report.

Initial Acquaintance with the Support Team — 4.9/5

The service offers live support at all times. You can use it to request information, updates on your order, and guidance.

At first, I contacted the support team of EssayHub to find out more about the service. The initial response time took about 5 minutes. Later, I also asked for help uploading the files necessary for my order and requested a plagiarism report. In all of these cases, the representatives of EssayHub were polite and quick to respond.

Guarantees — 5/5

Screen shot of essay hub application.

EssayHub offers a couple of guarantees to make your experience safe and convenient. For my EssayHub reviews, I studied the conditions you can expect from the service:

First, you get a punctuality guarantee. I specifically ordered the paper with a 6-hour deadline to put this to the test, and EssayHub delivered it on time.

Second, all papers are supposed to be written from scratch and original.

Third, the service offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In practice, it means that you can request unlimited revisions for free and also use a money-back policy in case something is wrong with your order.

Quality of the Delivered Work — 5/5

Now the most important — quality. EssayHub writers are experienced and skillful. I got to work with two experts, and both seemed to be detail-oriented and professional in their approach to academic writing.

As for the content...

The writing was focused and well-researched. It demonstrated an awareness of the topic. Both of my papers included examples and statistics, followed by detailed explanations. Obviously, the writer who had only 6 hours to write my paper used fewer sources than the one who had two weeks. Yet, even that last-minute paper was compelling in terms of content.

Was it original?

I checked both of the delivered papers for plagiarism. I found no instances of copied content or someone else’s ideas being used without proper attribution.

Note that EssayHub offers a free plagiarism report. You can get it by sending your request to the support.

Did it have any errors?

Both papers didn’t include errors. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling were on point. The choice of words corresponded to the university level that I requested when placing my orders.

What about formatting?

I asked the writers to format both of my papers in APA Style. The writers followed the requirements for fonts, headings, margins, and quotations.

Was a revision required?

I wouldn’t normally ask for edits as the papers were well-written. However, to test how EssayHub handles revisions, I asked the writer to change the order of ideas in my psychology paper. This also required the change of transitions between paragraphs. The writer agreed to do it without any questions and completed the work in about 30 minutes (which was even faster than we agreed upon).

Overall, the quality of the writing deserves admiration. It makes EssayHub suitable for any academic paper, no matter the complexity.

Final Verdict

All things considered, it seems like EssayHub is worth all the hype. It offers writing mastery with a chance to forget about your academic worries and boring assignments. The price spectrum is so massive that you can get assistance with practically any task and field of study. So if you need to delegate a few assignments and make your workload less overwhelming, EssayHub is a legit option to do so.