How Do I Get People to My Exhibition Stand?

Exhibitions can be a great way to meet new clients, sell your products, and establish your brand identity. It is one of the best opportunities for face-to-face marketing with potential clients and strengthening your relationship with existing clients.

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Exhibition stand companies make a lot of money designing stands for various businesses. But what is the point of a creative stand if you are not noticed at exhibitions? Are all the hustle and bustle keeping participants from your stand? By implementing these steps, more people will visit your stand at your next exhibition.

5 Tips on Getting More People to Your Exhibition Stand

Attracting more people to your exhibition stand is easier than many might think. You only have to plan for it before the exhibition. With these tips, you can start drawing crowds to your exhibition stands.

1. Create a Buzz Before the Exhibition

One of the best ways to ensure people will check out your stand at an exhibition is to tell them about it before the event. You can ask the organizers for a list of the registered attendees and send them personalized emails before the event. You can also write blog posts and newsletters about the event. You should maximize the use of your social media platforms to create a buzz about your stand. Use the official event hashtags and engage with all event-related posts. Let people know about the activities and giveaways you will be doing, and your stand will be the first thing they watch out for when they arrive.

2. Motivate Existing Clients to Stop By

You might think your existing clients will automatically show up, but that is rarely the case. Many people won’t because they already know about your products and services. However, you can draw this crowd with meaningful freebies. Give them something valuable, and you can strengthen their loyalty to your brand. If you can also get something that ties in with the use of your products, it would be even better. Whatever you do, don’t give generic gifts like pens that can easily be tossed after the event.

3. Offer a Relaxing Space With Refreshments

Creating an experience of simple comfort amidst the chaos of an exhibition will draw more people to your stand. Make your stand relaxing and welcoming, and more people will be at your stand than ever. You can also achieve the same effect with refreshments for the attendees. From beverages to handy nibbles, the right refreshments can keep people at your stand a little longer. Depending on your brand, you have different creative options of refreshments to serve, from coffee to popcorn.

4. Have Your A-team at the Desk

The people at your exhibition desk are as crucial as any other detail. You must bring your A-team members who will add the most value to the event. Ensure that they are professional, friendly, and confident throughout the event. You can also help your team stay active throughout the event by running a friendly competition. For example, the person who makes the most sales could receive a restaurant voucher or paid day off. Whatever you do, ensure your team stays active and fun throughout the event.

5. Engage With Technology And Competitions

With different technology elements like LED screens, VR/AR displays, or digital games, you can make your exhibition stand more attractive to people. It will also give you an easy opening to engage with potential customers. You can also have fun with attendees by adding a competitive element. A wheel of fortune with a mix of small and medium prizes from branded promotional merchandise like branded notepads and sweets can work in your event. At NStands, we can help you plan and assemble the best exhibition stand for your events. You only have to choose from any of our exhibition stand designers!