How NPC Content Left the Video Game World Behind And Joined TikTok

person playing PUBG mobile
Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash

We are used to seeing NPC in video games and they are an essential part of the games as it would feel almost empty without them. Recently, we have been hearing more of NPC but not in video games, they are now starting to be viral in TikTok. Why are they now taking over TikTok? In this guide, we explore how NPC content left the video game world behind and joined TikTok.

What Is an NPC?

NPC stands for non-player content, although nowadays the NPC meaning is used as a light insult against someone boring. This means it is a character controlled by the computer in a video game or roleplaying game. They are not controlled by a human player so their actions, dialogue, etc. are predetermined by programming. In video games they usually assist, interact with, or oppose the player character on their journey and are a vital part of any video game.

They provide exposition, atmosphere, and progress in the story and game so without NPCs many game worlds would feel empty and strange. The term sets these computer-generated characters apart from the avatars that human players manage in multiplayer video games. NPCs are there to help the human player, who is in control of the main character, progress the game and in some cases win the game.

We all know what TikTok is, and most people are daily users of the mega-popular app. Whatever goes viral on TikTok shapes who is popular and what is popular as the app is so influential within social media.

TikTok's ‘For You Page’ algorithm determines what videos are shown to each user so if the algorithm picks up that a video is highly engaging, it will show it to more users and increase its popularity. As of today, TikTok has over 1 billion daily users and over 5.3 billion internet users. Trending dance moves, music snippets, meme formats, and challenge prompts often go massively viral on TikTok and spread through the platform's culture. Due to this, users tend to hop on trends to increase their chances of getting views and likes.

What Is Happening on TikTok?

Is this the next viral trend? Why are so many content creators getting millions of views for pretending to be an NPC? There has been a recent surge of interest in watching people become NPC and how they interact in the world. We are watching them transform themselves into what appears to be robots, with limited skills and an almost lifeless delivery.

NPC streaming videos are appealing to some people because they're amusing, stupid, and strange, while others find the trend to be odd. Some people might appreciate the interactive element of the live streaming because NPC streamers respond to specific “gifts” delivered to them throughout their stream in a certain way. When a real person plays a character, they want to observe how they respond in real time and what happens if they break the character at any moment. This is one of the content that has gained millions of views and more popular and upcoming content creators are joining in.

The NPC trend has become more as they are featured and are an important part of the 2021 film Free Guy. In the film, they played on humanizing the NPCs instead of dehumanizing people in the viral TikTok videos.


From a simple extra character in any given game to a playful insult, to an entire career alongside the same level as mukbangs and feet pics, NPCs have come a long way. Now all that’s left is for game developers to make NPCs well enough that they are no longer the mannequin-like presence parroting three phrases when you try to buy supplies.