How to Define Hobby & How to Choose One

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During your lifetime, you've probably had more than one hobby, even without being aware of it. Having an interest in a particular activity, such as sport or traveling, means that you have a hobby. To understand what your hobby is, you will need to think first about how you like to spend your spare time.

Whatever your interest is, if you're putting effort into it, that means you have a hobby. Here, we'll explain what a hobby is, and suggest ideas for hobbies that you can start exploring.

Short Summary:

What Is a Hobby?

The best way to define a hobby is to say that it's something you have an interest in and are investing your time in that specific activity. The word 'hobby' comes from Anglo Latin in the 15th century, and it means 'horse.' Only later was it used to describe a hobbyhorse, a toy with a horse's head.

As the word 'hobby' or 'hobbyhorse' is a singular noun, the plural hobbies are used when talking about more than one hobby. Many hobbies include football, scuba diving, reading, traveling, gardening, stamp collecting, playing games, and many other hobbies that are not so common.

If you have a hobby, it is important that it brings you pleasure. After all, you don't want to spend your spare time doing a hobby that doesn't interest you. So, below, you can find a list of hobbies that can bring more than just pleasure in your life. Having a hobby improves your well-being and makes you feel more fulfilled in your life.

10 Most Common Hobbies to Explore

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It is never too late to start a new hobby. If you're not sure what could be a good idea, just think about things that interest you or bring you pleasure in any way. Hobbies include both little and big activities. For instance, your hobby can be stamp collecting, which doesn't take much time and doesn't happen on a daily basis. Your hobby can also be traveling, which requires a certain amount of money, time, and good planning skills.

1. Hobby Horse

If you don't know where to start, why not start with a hobby horse? This can be an interesting activity if you have a child, as you can play many interactive games with a toy horse. It shouldn't be difficult to find a toy horse. Look for it online and be the mom who helps their kid develop imagination and boost their creativity!

2. Gardening Hobby

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Gardening is an excellent hobby, especially for stressed professionals who need to take a step back from business. Touching the ground with your hands and growing your favorite plants have proven to be very relaxing. Not to mention that you can become invested in gardening even without huge gardens. For this hobby, all you need is a balcony or a window! Hobbyists recommend planting many plants and vegetables so you don't have to wait for March to see them growing and enjoy more months in your crops and flowers.

3. Sport Activities

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If you're looking for more dynamic activity, consider sports. It can be anything, from football to scuba diving, as long as you're passionate about it. Such activities are not just healthy and improve your physical condition but can also lead to meeting new people with whom you share a similar interest. Keep in mind that sports also improve your overall health and are one of the best hobbies to do in your spare time, as they have numerous benefits for your life.

4. Learning a New Language

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How about a hobby that involves words? Such hobbies include learning a new noun or a word from a different language or understanding its grammar rules. Consider listening to music or watching movies in that language as well. This hobby is fun to explore the world from your home. In no time, you will notice that your small vocabulary is growing.

5. Photography Hobby

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Photography is a great hobby for those who appreciate the surrounding beauty. With a hobby like that, you can see the world differently. You don't need a fancy camera. A small one on your phone could work perfectly as you're just starting your new hobby!

6. Small Horse (Pony)

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If you have kids, getting a pet like a pony or another small animal might be worth it. A small horse might be just what your entire family needs to have fun in their spare time. Such a pet hobby could also help you learn more about animals and create worthy memories with your small horse and everyone else! If you want more activity with your new pet, consider getting a dog so you can walk with it daily.

7. Travel Hobby

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Consider traveling if you want to explore the world in your spare time. Whether business travel or vacations, this hobby allows you to learn something new. If you like stamps, you can start collecting them and play around with how you expose them. You can even combine two of your hobbies, such as traveling to a place where you can get a scuba diving license and explore the beauties of the sea world.

8. Cooking Hobby

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If you're the type of person who enjoys cooking, why not turn it into a hobby? Become passionate about preparing new meals while listening to music you like. Invite your mom to teach you how to prepare your favorite childhood meal, and consider making it a hobby you two share. Of course, you can do that with any other person as well.

9. Reading Hobby

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If you like reading books in your free time, just like millions of people around you, this could be a great hobby for you. Spending time reading is a kind of activity that boosts concentration and creativity but also relaxes you from a stressful day. Think about the topics you are typically interested in and seek books that are written about these topics, and soon, you'll be able to enjoy your hobby every day!

10. Play Games From Your Childhood

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What was your favorite activity or game during your childhood? Think about the activity that brought you pleasure and find a fun way to bring back that activity and play it with your loved ones. For instance, it can be a simple game like hide and seek or a memory game, or it can be revisiting a certain place where you used to spend your time as a child. Also, going on a hunt for your childhood toys could be incredibly fun, especially if you share that activity with your partner or your kids!


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There are many other hobbies that you can try. What is the subject of your desire or your interest? Instead of spending time watching television, engage in a hobby or an activity that is interesting to you. Typically, the things you enjoyed as a child will be the ones that will give you pleasure in adulthood as well.

Whichever hobby you try, make sure they are bringing you joy. Hobbies are all about having fun! Pursue the things you like and turn them into a hobbyhorse!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Plural Hobbies?

The phrase hobby is a noun in singular form, and in the plural - hobbies. Any activity you spend your time on and brings you pleasure is considered a hobby. Examples of hobbies include sports, reading, traveling, learning new languages, and so on.

What Are the Best Hobbies for Retirement?

To pursue an activity when retired, consider a hobby that interests you. It can be a hobby that involves being in nature or staying indoors. If long walks give you pleasure, make sure you do that. Hobbies can also be indoors, such as reading, watching documentaries, painting, writing, and many other creative hobbies.

Which Is the Right Hobby for Me?

Any hobby that seems interesting is worth trying. The answer will differ from person to person, but there are so many examples of hobbies that it will not be difficult to find something for you. Also, consider a hobby that matches your lifestyle and interests. If you like words, consider writing or reading. If you want active hobbies, consider sports or long walks.