Maximizing Social Media Impact: How to Get More Likes on Instagram for Accelerated Account Growth

"Let me follow you on Instagram," "What an Instagrammable place?", "That picture got so many likes on Instagram." You must have heard these statements, which show how seriously young girls and boys take posting on Instagram. The app has cast a magic spell on the youth and businesses in such a way that the majority have shifted to the platform, subsiding other social media channels. However, some users find it challenging to get likes on their Instagram posts, and if you are one of those, you can learn how to boost your online strategy with more IG likes by reading the blog "How to Get More Likes on Instagram for Accelerated Account Growth."

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What Is Instagram?

The platform is a social networking platform and an online photo-sharing application purchased by Facebook in 2012. The best part is it doesn't charge you a penny to post videos and pictures.

The users love spending time on this application. Why? Because the application allows them to edit and upload videos and pictures through mobiles. People can even describe their posts and videos by writing a suitable caption underneath, tagging the place or location, and using relevant hashtags. The strategy makes it easier for the other users to find you and the place within the application.

Every post or video Instagram users post on their public profile can be publicly viewed by their followers, who engage in the content accordingly.

Another advantage that Instagram grants its respected users is privacy controls. The platform allows anyone to make their account private or public. Many users keep them private, while Instagram influencers keep them public as a part of social media marketing so other people can easily view what the influencer is doing and which products they endorse.

For Business

Businesses are also inclined towards Instagram and market products and services through their Instagram business account for their targeted audience to see. They get access to impression metrics and engagement. Companies have found a cost-effective way to sell their products and services through Instagram. People discover many new things while scrolling on the channel as a result of businesses carried out on Instagram.

The Birth of Instagram

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger gave birth to Instagram in San Francisco. Do you know Instagram is a mixture of "instant camera" and "telegram"? Interesting right?

What Age Group Is Mostly Found on Instagram?

According to research, 31.6% of all Instagrammers fall within the 18-to-24 age group, with the most considerable number of Instagram users.

How to Get Instagram Likes?

The biggest challenge any influencer faces is to get likes on their Instagram posts, so here are a few tips that you can implement on your profile:

A Classy Username

See how influencers choose classy usernames to resonate with their target audience. It should be your real name or business name. Adding weird characters, extra punctuation, and complicated names doesn’t work well with people. Try with the ones that are easier to remember and pronounce. If people know your firm’s name, finding you on Instagram shouldn’t be problematic.

That’s a Nice Profile Picture

Get a good picture clicked that you can set as your Instagram profile picture, and your DM gets filled with compliments like ‘That’s a nice profile picture.’ Take a close-up and precise shot. People often use their logo as a profile picture and some use their own faces; it's totally up to you.

Wear a Bright Color

You can get more exposure on Instagram if you put up a display picture wearing bright colors or stand in front of an excellent background. Brand owners can wear the colors associated with their logo, and chefs can stand in the kitchen holding the related crockery and cutlery to create a lasting impression. The profile picture should be so inviting that even when your picture shows up on the Explore page, people are forced to tap it.

Fill the Questions in the Description

While creating your business account, the platform gives you a few questions to fill out so that your profile reaches the audience you are trying to sell to. In 150 characters, answer the queries like your business type, working hours, location, products and services, platforms to contact you, or whether you are available on WhatsApp. If you are left with space, then portray your funny side. Give people reasons to smile when they are watching your Instagram profile.

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Hashtag Strategy

You must have observed hashtags underneath every post or video published on Instagram. The hashtags are a real game changer as there is a strong equation between engagement levels and the number of hashtags used on Instagram images. The rule is very simple: the more hashtags, the more engagement.

The good part is that the platform allows up to 30 hashtags per post. Therefore, you are free to use as many as you want for more visibility, but make sure the keywords are relevant to your post, as dragging to the maximum limit won’t serve the purpose.

Comment Using Hashtags

We are not encouraging you to botch up your carefully planned description with hashtags but to paste them in the comments section once you are done posting. They do work. The plus point is that after you receive more comments, the hashtag comments are hidden.

2-Word Hashtag

Usually, hashtags comprising two words used together get more exposure, like #ukraineartist, instead of being individually used, like #ukraine and #artist. Try out this method for accelerated account growth.

Spam Check

Search the hashtags on Instagram before you place them under your post and see the results the application shows you. If they bring along too many spammy posts, that will show similar comments, too. Avoid using them and find new hashtags to go with. Use high-quality content with a mix of trending hashtags.

Look for Relevant Hashtags And Boost Engagement

Don’t fill up your description with irrelevant hashtags that don’t even make sense to your business. Look up hashtags via Instagram posts that sync well with your niche and the content you are posting. The Instagram algorithm will help you gain more likes.

Stop Going Overboard With Filters

Users tend to go overboard using filters on whatever image they post. Think that the post will stand out on the Instagram feed, but the opposite happens as selfies with filters attract lesser engagement as compared to the ones without face-changing filters. People want to connect to the real you through their Instagram accounts, and finding you covered in effects will kill the charm.

Move ahead of selfies and take pictures of your work routine, your life at home, any pets that you are fond of, your hobbies, and what you keep on your office desk.

When clicking these pictures, ensure your room is well-lit and not dark. Since the potential Instagram followers will not hit the like button if your photos are grainy, dark-lit, and blurry. Not everyone is an expert at holding the lens, but there is no age for learning, too. You can easily polish your photography skills, making it irresistible for the users not to follow you and get inspired by your work.

What Does Your Instagram Profile Look Like?

The platform is like a magazine whose pages should match with each other. Plan on creating a well-defined look that resonates with your profile. Use a color palette consistently throughout your posts, a backdrop of the same color, and a particular lightning setting or filter that you have been using. Choose your colors and stick to the theme that when users open your profile, they are left spell-bounded.

Work on the Video Posts Content Calendar

Consistency comes with planning ahead everything you are going to post via your Instagram account. The Instagram influencers have been working on the methodology of keeping a rough draft of at least 10-15 posts. Why? Because they post these in a pattern and rarely run out of content. The same is suggested for you as well. All the shining profiles you come across are only made by putting in a lot of effort.

Therefore, prepare your Instagram content strategy on any topic that leads to more engagement as followers rewind the video or see the carousel posts, behind the scene, how-to-do tutorials, expert feedback, live sessions, engaging with followers on Question And Answers that give another chance to your target audience to get to know you more. These are some of the tried and tested tactics to get more likes on Instagram for accelerated account growth as they enjoy watching the posts and might as well share it ahead as well, which can invite more followers. If you are passionate about rising on Instagram, stay consistent, and your content will be loaded with likes in no time. Get new followers according to Instagram strategy.

Edit in Batches

It’s good if you are drafting your content for the next month in advance. Another technique to assist you is editing your videos and pictures in batches. Instead of editing one picture at a time, work on 10 pictures together to save yourself time and effort. Plus, whatever descriptions you have in mind can be penned down in the notes section so you don't forget what you thought of. Don’t leave this for the last minute, as making an Instagram post is time-consuming, so pre-scheduling takes seconds to post.

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Hook Their Interest And Instagram Insights

When people are free, they usually start scrolling on their feeds and check out what’s happening in the market. Curiosity must be triggered within them by reading the first 150 characters in your bio, which should act as a hook and begin with something catchy, a pun, or a funny line. Make them tap on the post and redirect to your profile.

Upgrade Your Visual Approach for Instagram Engagement

High-quality photos attract more eyes. More eyes boost your Instagram presence. That results in more Instagram followers. Now, Android and iPhone mobiles have unlimited features that aid in upgrading your visual approach by providing you with applications that have text options, effects, and frames. You can accommodate these in your Instagram stories, too. It’s unnecessary to apply everything to posts as people use their Instagram accounts to see stories as well. Hence, unleash your inner artist while designing a creative teaser or promo about anything.

Leave Your Followers Speechless By Sharing Exciting Photos

Instagram photos with more structures and edges receive reasonable amounts of likes. Abstract backgrounds that are not commonly found or seen can increase the growth of your Instagram account and leave your followers speechless, asking you where you discovered this place. Nice, right? We hope the above strategies work out for you to get more likes on Instagram from relevant users for accelerated account growth, and you will reach the top. Social media strategy is simple. Just keep the creative video content for Instagram engagement.