Introducing the Global Poker Sweeps Cash Model

Ever since its launch in December 2016, Global Poker has been gaining significant traction –– especially within the United States and Canada markets. Poker lovers playing on this site are fond of the social gaming theme, Global Poker’s increasing tournament guarantees, as well as the accessibility of depositing and withdrawing cash through PayPal.

Person holding white and black playing cards.
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However, there’s no doubt that some people still remain skeptical of the legality of the $weeps Cash model. This causes some to opt for unregulated sites or turn to real-life casinos in order to grind it out, one game at a time. Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? If you’ve totally not heard of Global Poker before, or just getting started, read on more to find out exactly what $weep Cash is and why it is an interesting sweepstakes model.

Global Poker

Global Poker is a public company that is owned and run by parent company VGW Holdings Limited and was incorporated in Australia in the year 2010. What makes Global Poker so unique and different from other sites is its patented business model –– a virtual currency business model that allows players to use virtual money (Gold Coins or $weeps Cash) to play poker with. This is beneficial as it means that players do not need to wager on real money that has been deposited through the bank or any other currency.

Gold Coins And $weeps Cash

These are two very different phenomena, of which we recommend that you take note of their differences. Gold Coins function as Global Poker’s primary source of virtual currency. It is also the same as what other websites would label as “play money”. However, don’t be fooled! Gold Coins have no monetary value to them and cannot be cashed out for real money –– it’s only able to be used as a virtual currency to make transactions with on the Global Poker website.

On the other hand, $weeps Cash is the virtual currency that Global Poker actively promotes. During a game, the $weeps Cash that you win as sweepstakes prizes (through ring games or $weeps Cash tournaments) can be used and cashed out as real cash prizes, which will be facilitated through PayPal.

Getting confused yet? $weeps Cash is unable to be purchased with money, yet Gold Coins can be purchased with real cash made through PayPal. Instead, $weeps Cash is earned as a bonus through the purchase of Gold Coins or by utilizing Global Poker’s multiple Alternate Methods of Entry (AMOE). At the end of the way, you’re only to cash out $weeps Cash, but Gold Coins remain as Global Poker’s in-game currency.

How Does This Work?

It might seem complicated in theory, but it’s fairly straightforward in practice. Gold Coins can be purchased by players by clicking on the top-right icon “Buy Gold Coins”, located within the Global Poker lobby page. This will then trigger a pop-up that will display several Gold Coins packages for the users to purchase, of which most come with several Free $weeps cash that matches the amount of the purchase.

Once you have decided on the package you would like to purchase, click on it and you will be asked to make payment through PayPal. After the payment has been made, users will be redirected back to the Global Poker page with both the Gold Coins as well as the $weeps cash from their selected package in their account. With these on hand, players can choose between the two when they are playing their games. All that needs to be done is to click on the “Switch currency” button on the top right of the page to select. Depending on your chosen currency, all held games from PLO and NLH ring games, multi-table tournaments, and even sit ‘n’ go’s will display all relevant information in either Gold Coins or $weeps Cash. It will not change unless you make the switch yourself.

Cashing Out

One of the things Global Poker is most well-known for is its safe and fast cash-out system, which has resulted in many positive user feedbacks on online forums. This is a result of Global Poker’s strong relationship with PayPal, which is aware of Global Poker’s business models inside and out. Both Global Poker and PayPal adhere strongly to transparency and responsibility, which has created a secure cash-out system that has left countless players satisfied and pleased.

To exercise even greater caution, we recommend you to check these discussion websites regularly so that you’re able to avoid dealing with website glitches and kinks at all costs.

Security And Safety

Global Poker emphasizes heavily ensuring players’ safety and has taken measures to ensure that users feel safe when it comes to using their money. It is constantly monitoring and improving its security throughout the latest technology and industry practices. Because it is a public company, Global Poker goes to lengths to ensure full transparency to its users and allows their financial information to be made easily and readily available for the public to view.

Global Pokers has also brought in numerous Security and Game integrity professionals that help regulate the website regularly to create a safe and secure social gaming environment. This ensures that its players are protected from threats such as collusion, bum-hunting, or predatory behaviors. These professionals use state-of-the-art tracking and monitoring tools that help them to ensure fairness throughout the games. They are also always on the lookout for the latest technological evolutions to ensure that their security is up to standard for their users. s of now, they are also currently developing more tracking tools to pick up suspicious activity automatically, and establishing a team that works around the clock to proactively pick up things that may pose a potential risk to players.

On top of that, Global Poker ensures that they have a robust customer service system that maintains and facilitates communication with its users, day in and day out. Players who have concerns or worries about the games are encouraged to use the chat function to reach out to Global Poker staff, where a thorough and full investigation will be carried out –– as long as the concern is legitimate.


Global Poker is committed to providing its users with the best experience and continues to work with its people to upgrade itself and keep users safe while continuing to be a respectable and legal website for players to game on. Do note the Global Poker is only available in the US and Canada and you can sign up for free and test it out for yourself!