Modern Interactive Dog Toys

Dogs usually don't like to stay at home alone without doing anything, just like humans. So they love to destroy shoes or dig holes in the garden unless they have better things to do.

A schematic view of a plastic dog toy.
Photo from Wickedbone website

They require mental and physical stimulation not to feel bored and depressed, as the saying goes: "a tired dog is a happy dog". Dog owners are responsible for keeping their dogs mentally stimulated, at least when they are around. But most dogs have nothing to do when they're not around their owner.

Entrepreneurs have realized that the modern internet and artificial intelligence technologies can help dogs enjoy themselves even if the owner is not at home.

Many interactive dog toys don't use too much technology, like dog puzzles or ball launchers. The fascinating ones are using the internet or artificial intelligence.

These modern interactive dog toys can be anything from a simple plastic bone that randomly vibrates. Or more sophisticated solutions that allow the owners to interact with their dog remotely, through the internet. Even more sophisticated AI solutions try to recognize the dog's mood and behave accordingly.

This article focuses on the technological features of these toys. You can find more detailed interactive dog toy reviews on our friend's website that focuses on dogs.


The boned shaped toy allows the dog owner to control the toy remotely with their mobile phone through Bluetooth. Through this feature, the owner and the dog can play a game together. Probably the owner can have as much fun as the dog.

The main selling point of the item is the interactive mode. It reacts differently for different kinds of touches.

It also features a 12 state emotional system that keeps track of the dog's mood and reactions. For example, it can simulate behaviors of being bored, mischievous or going crazy.

Even if some owners complain about the toy's durability, the toy is a must-have for any gadget-loving pet owner.

SKYMEE Owl Robot

This toy offers the ability for the owner to use it as a remote control dog toy or use it in an AI-driven interactive mode, similarly to the Wickedbone.

However, the prominent differentiating feature is that the owner can control the toy remotely through the internet and look around at home with the toy's high definition camera to ensure that everything is okay with the pet.

If these features are not enough, the owner can even talk to the dog and give treats from the toy's food dispenser.


It's a ball launcher; the dog needs to put the ball into the launcher, then it shoots it, so the dog needs to find the ball, bring it back and repeat.

Apart from being a toy to keep the dog entertained, it also helps to keep it fit. Fifteen minutes of play with this toy is equivalent to 30 minutes walking.

This toy is not so sophisticated as the others, and the only technologically exciting feature is that they shoot the ball randomly, so the dog can't get used to it.