Top 4 Graphene Startups Making an Impact in the Field of Nanotechnology

Since the discovery of nanotechnology, nanotechnologists have been working round the clock to bring constant modifications to this field. One such intriguing entrance in the field of nanotechnology is the discovery of graphene.

A digital image of the graphene structure.
Photo by seagul on Pixabay

Let us dive into the top 4 graphene startups that have taken graphene technology one step ahead.

What Is Graphene?

Graphene is the thinnest and the most powerful material that is also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Known as the most promising nanomaterial, Graphene has revolutionized the specs of several industries, such as construction or chip manufacturing.


Producing 4000 metric tonnes of graphene per year, NanoXplore tops the list of the top graphene startups. Not only is it involved in commercial-scale manufacturing of Graphene, but it is also launching Graphene-based products in the market. In addition, NanoXplore engages in supply contracts with other manufacturers with a fully operating Graphene plant.

Although there are a lot of risk factors involved with Graphene production, NanoXplore has shown an upward trend ever since it started. The Graphene startup aims to establish a US-based production plant for the manufacturer of Graphene. Furthermore, by reducing the sales cycle to 1-2 years, NanoXplore is set on enhancing customer loyalty and creating intellectual property.


Aiming to create next-generation products, Graphenest is on a mission to become the leading supplier of graphene materials for industries. Graphenest has a strict environment-friendly production method. Its key objective is to create cost-effective products. For this purpose, Graphenest is focusing on customizable and integrated Graphene mixtures.

This Graphene startup specializes in making graphene solutions in the form of printable ink and coatings. These solutions have a high application rate for electrical, automotive, medical, aerospace, and defense industries. They also reduce the applied force from radio to microwave frequency ranges, making them top sellers.


Pioneer of Aros Graphene, a patented graphene composite, Graphmatech is taking Graphene technology to new heights. Engaging in fruitful collaborations, this Graphene startup finds them the most integral factor for their growth.

Graphmatech completely changed the structures of Graphene-based technology with the introduction of Aros Graphene. Posing favorable qualities like self-lubrication and self-cooling, Aros Graphene allowed this Graphene startup to manufacture Graphene products.

In addition, Aros is a lightweight Graphene solution and an excellent thermal and electric conductor. These beautiful qualities give Graphmatech a chance to supply it to other manufacturers. These manufacturers can, in turn, create unique Graphene products.

Angstron Materials

Starting with the title Angstron Materials, this graphene startup has now merged into Global Graphene Group (G3). The G3 primarily focuses on producing nano graphene platelets. It is a large-scale graphene manufacturer and can produce around 300 million tonnes per annum of Graphene.

Other than that, it works on engineering other graphene solutions to have various performance advantages for buyers. Angstron materials promise to give buyers an optimal property profile. This means that they allow progressive collaborations, guaranteeing to accelerate the performance of their collaborator's Graphene materials.