Top Sites Ranking for E-Commerce And Shopping in the World

E-commerce has grown in popularity over the last few years with more people opting to purchase various goods online. There’s something special about the e-commerce industry as it provides users with the convenience that can’t be matched anywhere else.

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Here we’ll be taking a look at the best e-commerce sites and what they have to offer. We’ve linked up with Kevin Cochran (see profile) to find out more about these sites.

The Benefits of E-Commerce

Whether you’re looking for an online casino in Canada or an online store, e-Commerce will make it easy for you.

As expected, there are plenty of benefits to e-commerce such as:

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The Best E-Commerce And Shopping Sites


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This can easily be rated as the best e-commerce platform in the world due to the sheer volume of orders that it sends out. Amazon provides clients with a large inventory of goods to choose from along with plenty of payment methods.

Furthermore, the checkout process is simple and it’s easy to link your account to other apps, which could make checkouts even easier.


eBay can be seen as an online marketplace that allows buyers to sell to other buyers along with a handful of products that are featured on the site. Buyers can be assisted with the store web application and then you’ll be able to add your products to the site.


Alibaba and eBay share a similarity as they allow buyers to sell their items to other buyers. This means that you’ll find a handful of rare and limited-edition items that wouldn’t necessarily be found in stores.

Alibaba also provides suppliers a reliable platform where they’ll be able to sell their goods at an affordable rate. Alibaba is also extremely popular with Asian clients, which accounts for the largest portion of its market.


Operating under the Alibaba Group, Taobao is headquartered in China and is rated as one of the top e-commerce websites and currently has over 500 million users. Here you’ll be able to find everything from fashion to gadgets and everything in between.


Etsy operates out of the US but has a global reach that focuses on vintage and handmade products along with craft supplies.

If you’re looking for unique products that have a personal touch to them, then Etsy is what you’d want to check out.


Rakuten Ichiba is a B2B2C platform that’s one of the largest in the world when it comes to overall sales and the largest in Japan.

This company is dedicated to providing online retail and e-commerce and it’s been operating out of Tokyo since 1997.


Allegro is a trading platform that allows users to sell their goods online. It’s incredibly popular in Poland and also with collectors and professional traders.

Allegro also allows you to auction off your goods along with selling them for a set price. It’s also possible to place something on sale with a combination of “Buy Now” and bidding.


Walmart is one of the largest chains in the US and it also features an online store that’s one of the largest in the world. Just like the land-based store, the online version offers a range of appliances, crafts, groceries, electronics, and much more.

E-commerce And Online Gaming

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The Future of E-commerce

Like most industries, e-commerce is expected to undergo a handful of changes in the future. One of the most exciting parts about e-commerce is the direct to client retail option that is expected to grow over the next few years.

This has allowed people to generate profits and start small businesses. At the moment, many of these transactions are taking place locally; however, this means that clients often get free shipping and can collect the products themselves.

Some regions have adopted the use of drones to deliver packages to clients and this could be enhanced by adding fleets of automated freight vehicles.

The ease of usage and especially payment is reducing the fraction for customers to pay for services. At the age of smartphones, accepting mobile payments is a must-have for business. Read our article about why companies should accept mobile payments.