What to Do When Your Bored With a Friend: 25+ Interesting Ideas

Are you seeking out thrilling yet budget-friendly ways to create lasting memories with your mates? After all, some of life's most memorable moments are the ones we share with our nearest and dearest.

Whether it's capturing Insta-worthy snaps or being each other's biggest cheerleaders, experiences often become even more special when a friend is by your side.

But treating yourself to fancy restaurant meals or pricey getaways every time you hang out together can soon start to add up – fast!

The good news? We've compiled a selection of enjoyable (and economical) group activities for you in this article. Think of it as your ticket to adventure that won't break the bank: let's go!

Short Summary

1. Play Board Games

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Want to really connect with mates? Board games are a tried and true way to have fun together. They give you a reason to laugh and plan ahead – who doesn't love a bit of healthy rivalry?

Monopoly, Scrabble, Catan, or Codenames: there's a game for every crew. Picture the banter over Risk, say, or tackling the Pandemic as a team. Set up somewhere comfy, get snacks ready, and let the good times roll.

2. Have a Movie Night

Watching movies back-to-back with friends is the perfect way to relax and enjoy each other's company. Create your very own themed movie marathon.

Perhaps you'll go for 80s classics one night, Marvel films another night, or maybe romantic comedies featuring Hugh Grant – the choice is yours! Make popcorn and turn down the lights for that cinema experience at home.

Plus, add an interactive touch, such as voting on which movie should come next or discussing what you thought about each one once they're finished

3. Visit Local Farmers Market

Walking around a farmers market is more than just shopping – it's an experience! There, you can find fresh produce from nearby farms, handmade crafts, and tasty food stalls to bite into. Supporting local farmers and workers is part of the fun here.

Challenge your crew to see who can uncover the most unusual item or make a meal using only ingredients bought there. It's all about adventure, health, and giving back!

4. Start a Community Garden

Women working in a greenhouse with a flowerpots
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Hello, green thumbs! Bond with pals and nature when you start a community garden. You'll need teamwork and patience for this one, but ultimately, it's highly satisfying.

Think veggies, herbs, and flowers growing in what might be currently unused space – adding vibrancy to your area.

Along with picking up new skills (and Vitamin D), sharing your harvest happens at some stage, too – talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

5. Have a Karaoke Night

Here's to all the wannabe rockstars: why not put on your very own karaoke night? It's not about hitting every note. It's about having fun and creating special memories with friends.

Set up a machine at home or use an app – then pick classic hits, belt out ballads together, or go for high notes solo (for laughs).

Expect laughter, cheers – maybe even some healthy rivalry – and don't forget cameras: you'll want these clips next time you get together.

6. Join a Book Club at a Local Library

For bookworms who want to connect with friends, there's no better way than joining a book club. Public libraries often have them - spaces where people quietly bond over stories they've read every month while exploring different genres, too!

Discussing what happened in recent reads or how characters developed during previous chapters builds deeper connections than ever before because everyone has opinions about literature, plus it means regular visits, if nothing else!

7. Try a Virtual Cooking Class

Female chef having a videocall while cooking
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Why not participate in an online cooking class with your buddies to enhance your food prep abilities? You could settle on a cuisine you all adore or choose something completely different.

In these classes, which take place over the Internet, instructors will walk you step by step through the creation of mouthwatering meals.

Arrange your kitchen areas, log on, and cook "alongside" one another virtually – it's a novel method of learning and having fun (not to mention enjoying what you've made afterward!). You might even make it into a friendly contest!

8. Join an Amateur Sports League

Signing up for a non-professional sports league is a lively method of bonding with buddies and staying active.

It doesn't matter what you choose – it could be soccer, basketball, softball, or even something indoors like bowling – the main idea is that you'll enjoy yourself while enhancing your skills alongside others.

It's not just about the exercise either: Team spirit, fresh air (or indoor courts), and celebrating victories (or shrugging off defeats) are all part of the package deal here!

Additionally, joining such an organization might help expand social circles since members often get acquainted with opposing teams, too. Prepare for friendly competition coupled with lots of high-fives!

9. Visit a Local Animal Shelter

Why not spend some quality time with friends by visiting a nearby animal shelter? It can be an amazing experience – and one that lets you help out by looking after vulnerable creatures.

Who could resist playing with puppies, cuddling kittens, or taking dogs for walks? You'll get so much satisfaction from this – as well as possibly being tempted to give a home to a new pet! Plus, bonding with animals is always lovely.

10. Grab a Few Drinks

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There's something timeless about catching up with your best pals over drinks. Whether it's trying beers at the local brewery, going fancy at a cocktail bar, or just ordering your usual pint in the pub you've loved for years, it always hits the spot.

Will you sample craft beers together or share pitchers of sangria on summer evenings? Maybe even see who can find the most unusual cocktail?

Remember: it's about something other than what you drink. It's about enjoying each other's company and making memories along the way.

11. Take a Pottery Class

Nurture your artistic spirit by signing up for a pottery workshop alongside pals. These types of classes not only provide amusement but also help participants unwind – think about it.

While you're elbow-deep in clay and using all your strength to shape the perfect bowl or vase during an afternoon spent with friends, stress melts away, too! Additionally, workshops often allow individuals to take home whatever they make (a pretty cool keepsake!).

12. Start a Fun Project

Collaborating on an exciting undertaking can be very fulfilling. It might be anything from refurbishing parts of your home to starting up a shared YouTube channel – or even making furniture together.

Not only will you pool your abilities, but you'll learn new ones, all while having something concrete to show for it at the end.

Planning and carrying out tasks as part of a team is one way to strengthen friendships and enjoy each other's company, too: when everyone has the same goal in mind and dedicates time and effort towards achieving it, it's fun!

The work itself can be as simple (or complicated) as suits; what matters most here is the camaraderie and satisfaction derived from such joint ventures.

13. Have a Bike Ride

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Wear your helmets and take off for an exciting bike ride with your mates. Whether it's a tranquil pedal through the park, a challenging route in the countryside, or a picturesque pathway near the shore, cycling is an ideal way to sightsee while staying fit.

Stop along the way for a picnic or photo op at pretty spots; race to landmarks together (if you're so inclined). It's not just about reaching the destination—it's about having fun getting there and sharing memories along the way!

14. Play Frisbee Game

Tap into your inner child and stay active by playing a frisbee game. Besides being classically uncomplicated, it's also an inclusive exercise option that you can do practically anywhere outside — think beaches or parks.

Whether you're just throwing something back and forth without keeping score or engaging in a spirited match of the Ultimate variety, it's a great way to get some fresh air and movement.

It's also really good for building coordination and cooperation skills — all while giggling yourself silly at regular intervals.

15. Explore Local Nature Trails

Uncover the wonders of the outdoors with pals by discovering nearby trails. Hiking is a perfect way to bond not only with friends but also with nature – whether it's rambling through woodland, climbing hills, or walking along the coast.

Keep an eye out for wildlife, take some incredible pictures, or revel in the peace and quiet. It's also a good chance to have long, meaningful chats (or relish each other's company without saying much). Don't forget snacks and water - and you're ready to roll!

16. Make Vision Boards

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If you want to do something creative and inspiring with your friends, you could create or update your dream board. All you need is a big piece of cardboard or poster board, glue, magazines, and markers.

Spend some time thinking about the things you'd like to achieve or experience – what are your dreams? What goals do you have?

Then, flip through the magazines for images and words that reflect those ideas; cut them out and arrange them on your board. It's not just enjoyable but also seriously motivating – sharing hopes helps encourage everyone, and it's a way to get artistic, too.

17. Try Desserts at a Local Bakery

Get to know the world of sweets better by visiting a nearby bakery with friends. It's a fun way to try out different things while also supporting small businesses.

Whether you're into creamy cheesecakes or freshly baked loaves that smell amazing, there will be something for everyone. And why not make things even more interesting by picking one new treat each time you go (or rating them all out of five stars)?

Spending a few hours in sugary conversation on an easy-breezy afternoon: what could be sweeter?

18. Spend Time at the Local Museum

If you're looking for an interesting way to bond with friends, why not arrange a trip to your nearest museum? There are many museums for different tastes!

These repositories of knowledge – covering subjects from natural history to fine art and technology – offer something for everyone.

In addition to being highly enjoyable, exploring different cultures and eras is educational too: you could end up discussing what you've seen or just appreciating the beauty together afterward.

Either way, going around a museum will definitely get you talking – and introduce you all to new things!

19. Take a Self-Defense Class

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Joining forces with friends to learn self-protection isn't just useful – it's empowering, too. Not only will you pick up valuable skills, but you'll also boost your confidence and grow closer as a result.

These classes are usually open to all levels, providing a supportive environment where you can hone your technique (and get fit at the same time).

Seeing safety as something you're responsible for collectively is bound to strengthen your bond even more. Signing up together shows you're committed to looking out for one another seriously.

20. Have an Art Class

Find out what kind of art you're secretly amazing at by doing it together in a class – whether that's pottery, drawing, or just coloring. It doesn't really matter how good anyone is – the point is to have fun and unwind while creating something beautiful.

Plus, at the end of most classes like these, everyone gets to keep their unique artwork as a memento of a fun day flexing their imaginative muscles with friends!

21. Organize a Dinner Party

There is something truly magical about bringing loved ones together for a meal – especially when you ask each guest to contribute something that goes with your chosen theme (Italian, Mexican, or whatever takes your fancy).

Set the scene with candles, flowers, and maybe even some special cocktails. Remember, it isn't just about what you eat but being involved in creating it together, exchanging stories, and enjoying each other's company somewhere intimate.

22. Share Ghost Stories

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Round up some friends or family, light a fire, or dim the lights in one room. Then prepare to scare yourselves silly by taking turns telling ghost stories: personal experiences, tales from your area, and plots from famous horror films.

As everyone gets more frightened, so bonds grow stronger. Because there's nothing like being scared witless in a company to reveal who does (or doesn't) have nerves of steel!

23. Check Out an Open Mic Night

A night out at an open mic with friends combines fun and motivation. At these happenings, found frequently in bars and cafes, all sorts of acts – music, poetry, even comedy – take their turn doing their thing.

It's a cool way to back hometown talent but also maybe find your own spark. You might get involved, too!

Whether you're keen on being in the spotlight or prefer sitting back and letting others shine, prepare for an evening full of unexpected moments, great skills, and plenty of clapping along.

24. Cook Tasty Snacks

Transform your ordinary gathering into an exciting culinary excursion by preparing snacks as a team. Pick out a couple of straightforward recipes—making your own guacamole and salsa, jazzing up popcorn with fancy flavors, or crafting small sliders—and then get cooking

! Preparing food together means more than simply feeding yourselves; it's about working as a team, trying different dishes, and joking about kitchen disasters.

Not only that, but it's also lots of fun – so why not spend some time whipping up some treats before sitting down to enjoy them?

25. Try Rock Climbing

Man hanging on climbing wall
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Get ready for an exciting rock climbing trip! Whether you choose a gym or real rocks outside, this sport is great for increasing strength, stamina, and trust with mates.

As you try out different paths, you'll cheer each other along to the top and feel super proud of your achievements – it's amazing teamwork in action.

This activity isn't just about how fit you are: it helps you face fears head-on, too, which can make friendships even stronger.

26. Go on a Road Trip

Take to the open road with friends and get ready for an epic adventure. Decide on a destination – or don't! Sometimes, half the fun is seeing where the journey takes you.

Make sure someone's in charge of music (or prepare a few playlists in advance), bring some snacks, and take turns behind the wheel while everyone else plays games or relaxes.

You should stop off at famous landmarks en route, detouring slightly if necessary. Alternatively, check out cute small towns that catch your eye, or pull over somewhere scenic for lunch.

Remember: Road trips are about more than simply reaching a place. They're also opportunities for making memories that'll last a lifetime.

27. Have a Local Brewery Tour

Discover a world of taste by visiting a local brewery. Watch how beer is made, try different styles, and learn how flavors differ.

You'll find lots to enjoy on this entertaining and educational outing: plenty of interesting information, delicious drinks, and great conversation. Brewery tours with tastings are often available – an ideal way to spend an afternoon.

28. Go Jogging

Sports girls training in a summer forest
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Exercising with friends while running can be an excellent and encouraging method to keep in shape and remain updated on each other's lives.

Whether it's a jog through a nearby park, along the shore, or down city streets, it provides an opportunity to get outside and exercise while having fun. You could have shared ambitions, such as preparing for a 3.1-mile race together.

Otherwise, you might prefer an easy run at a conversational speed. In any case, combining fitness goals with socializing makes exercise more enjoyable –and keeps everyone honest!


Finding cheap and enjoyable things to do with friends doesn't have to be a challenge. From having a picnic in the park to screening movies at home, there are lots of options for fun that cost little.

With some imagination and flexibility, you can make memories together that will keep your bank account intact. Next time you're bored with a friend, consult this list for ideas and set off on new adventures as a pair.

Remember: it's not how much cash you splash but the good conversations and laughter that count. Start planning your next low-cost outing today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Do When Your Bff Is Over?

Indulge in common interests such as cooking, watching movies, or having a spa night. You can also plan to indulge in computer games together, traditional board games, or even try your hands at some hands-on DIY activity!

What Do You Do When Hanging Out With Friends Outside?

Opt for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, picnicking, engaging in a game of sport, or checking out nearby markets. Consider cycling, spending a day on the beach, or taking a leisurely stroll through unfamiliar streets – so long as you're outside and enjoying nature together.

What Do Friends Do for Fun Hanging Out at Home?

Friends can do so much when they are hanging out at home, like watching a movie together, cooking or baking together, playing video or board games, or even creating DIY projects.

What to Do With a Female Friend?

You can go shopping according to your liking, visit new cafes and restaurants altogether, go for a fitness class, or sit hand in hand over watching a movie. Some other options that you could try are crafting things at home or going for a workshop either together, as well as exploring the things nearby where you live. The most important thing is finding something you both like and having fun doing it!