Who Will Win the Stanley Cup?

As we're getting close to the NHL playoffs, fans are getting excited about thinking which team would raise the Stanley Cup and drink champagne from it. In this article, I will summarize what everybody who's interested in the outcome of the Stanley Cup should know. And I also try to convince everybody who is not interested, should be interested in seeing the very best hockey games.

two persons playing ice hockey with referee
Photo by Jerry Yu on Unsplash

Personal Thoughts on Stanley Cup Odds

Being a hockey fan, I have felt the excitement, the happiness and the disappointments that come with following your team's journey through the playoffs. From nail-biting overtime matches to heartbreaking losses pursuing the Stanley Cup is a gripping spectacle that enthralls fans worldwide. All the heated moments when discussing the different teams, the underdogs, and Stanley Cup odds.

It's very exciting to see why somebody thinks some extremely unlikely outcome would happen, and how sure some people are about something that's obviously impossible in my mind. All that analysis materializes on the night of the finals; bringing joy to some, pain to others.

The Current Champions

In the history of the Stanley Cup, the current champions are always rising to the top. They still know how to win matches, as well as the experienced team that is able to win the trophy. The current reigning champion team is the Vegas Golden Knights, so I have high expectations for them.

Of course, the others want to take the title from them, and prove to their fans that at this time they're the best. I expect to see some big performance from last year's seconds, from the Florida Panthers.

We saw some of the best matches from Dallas Stars, and from Carolina Hurricanes last year, even if they didn't reach the finals. They're definitely expected to show great performance this year too.

Building Momentum

Another way of understanding who could win the championship, is to see how they performed recently, mainly toward the current season. The momentum and confidence gained during those weeks can help those teams.

On the flip side, teams that had difficulties during the season, especially around the end of it, are very likely to struggle when the pressure mounts.

For example, in the current season New York Rangers have performed very well, alongside with Carolina Hurricanes, while New York Islanders have been struggling all along.

The Injuries

In the last few matches before the playoffs, players want to win their matches to get to the playoffs, even if they suffer some injuries. Of course, these injuries will have an impact on their later performance during the playoffs. If a team can easily get to the playoffs, their players don't need to risk, and usually don't suffer major injuries.

Colorado Avalanche has 6 injuries already, doesn't sound very promising. On the other side Vegas Golden Knights, last year's champions, have only a few ones.

Unexpected Contenders

One other, for me the most exciting part, is the teams performing unexpectedly well. They can bring the biggest surprises, without anybody expecting them to win.

And why they perform well when they shouldn't? Nobody knows, maybe it's caused by a new strategy, some different player composition, or maybe the recent solar eclipse.

In the 2021-2022 season, the New Jersey Devils were in the bottom 5 of their league. When they changed their goalkeeper, also some of their players found themselves they managed to reach the top 5. It was the biggest surprise of that season without a doubt, and nobody saw them coming.

The Excitement of the Playoffs

As the playoffs progress, every game transforms into a test of strength and will. The intensity of playoff hockey is unmatched with players giving their very best in pursuit of victory, and to prove they're the best. It's a time when new stars and heroes emerge as the journey for the Stanley Cup builds towards a thrilling finale.

Even for those who don't follow hockey, the semi-finals and finals are a must watch. It is the fastest, wildest, and most exciting hockey game anybody can find.


Ultimately, forecasting the results of the Stanley Cup playoffs is an endeavor filled with uncertainties, and therefore excitement. While some teams may appear better on paper, the fast and volatile nature of ice-hockey guarantees that anything can change in a few minutes.

This unpredictability makes it so addictive to watch, and brings in more and more fans to the world of the Stanley Cup playoffs and to the world of ice-hockey. I can't recommend enough to just sit down with your friends, and watch a few matches, the rest will come naturally. It will probably become your new hobby.

Nobody can say for sure who will come out on top in the race for the Stanley Cup. I can only hope it's my favorite team, the Boston Bruins. Fear the Bear!