Winter Bucket List: 35+ Fun Winter Activities to Do When It’s Cold Outside

As the first snowflakes fall and temperatures gradually decrease, so do the opportunities for joy and adventure increase. Winter is not just a season to get through - it is an adventure playground waiting to be explored.

We have put together this article full of fun activities that will help you enjoy every moment of these colder months as much as possible.

Whether you’re after thrilling snowy escapades or warm indoor snuggles, we’ve got something for everyone on our winter bucket list – just dip in and out, depending on your mood.

Soak up the magic of winter, welcome its wonders, and make memories that’ll last a lifetime with these fun ideas.

Short Summary

Ice Skating

Kid and mother ice skating together.
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Picture effortlessly gliding over a glossy ice rink, cold air kissing your cheeks as you etch graceful patterns into the surface. Ice skating is an ageless winter favorite that blends enjoyment, aptitude, and a hint of elegance.

With each stroke across the ice, whether it’s with friends or holding hands with someone special, lasting wintertime memories are made. The perfect activity for the holiday season.

Building a Snowman

There’s something truly magical about packing fresh snow together to form a jolly snowman. One of the fun outdoor activities for the winter holidays.

A carrot for its nose, rocks for eyes, and maybe even accessorized with a cozy scarf – creating one is all about channeling creativity during winter fun time outside for both kids and adults alike.


Feel the icy wind in your face as you zip down snowy hillsides on sleds at top speed – pure exhilaration! This winter activity guaranteed to bring out everyone’s inner child, sledding offers equal parts heart-pumping adventure and joy packaged up in scenes from wintry wonderland tales.


Want to experience a quiet yet invigorating way of walking through winter landscapes? When you put on your snowshoes, you're not just getting ready for a walk – you're gearing up for an exploration of nature's hushed beauty under a blanket of snow.

With each stride, the snow pillows your step; with each footfall, there's the rhythmic crunch that comes from walking across a snowy plain.

It lets you appreciate winter's stillness and fresh air and spot evidence of wildlife while giving yourself a great workout. Be it forest trails or open fields, going out on snowshoes is fun no matter where.

Winter Hiking

Young white caucasian female hiker dressed in white.
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Winter hiking can turn familiar paths into icy wonderlands. Each winter hike trek becomes a lesson in how much effect something as simple as frozen precipitation can have.

In woods emptied by the seasons, silence reigns save for what sounds like boot steps amplified by cold air – which makes every journey meditative, even if all you are doing is putting one foot in front of another over the frosty ground.

The payoff for all this effort? Simply stunning views of trees dressed in white and lakes turned into ice plains - proof that nothing about this season is ordinary.

Ice Fishing

Experience the serene thrill of ice fishing – a winter activity that harmonizes calm with excitement. Drilling through thick ice, creating your angling station, and then listening and waiting for fish to bite is an experience all its own: one that combines skill with patience.

Ice anglers are bundled in warm gear, often surrounded by nothing but miles of thick, silent ice. It’s just you – until a fish jerks hard on your line.

It’s not solely about catching something. It’s also about absorbing some frosty winter weather and its simplicity.

Skiing Or Snowboarding

Men snowboard in extreme winter sport adventure.
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Whether you prefer skis or a snowboard, tackling the slopes is an adrenaline-fueled experience during the winter season.

If you choose skiing, expect to rapidly descend snow-coated mountainsides, slicing through lavish turns while feeling the icy wind on your face. Or select snowboarding for its hip vibe and lively moves that allow you to ride waves of snow.

Both sports offer a sense of liberation and excitement unequaled by other cold-weather activities, with each descent combining velocity mastery – plus plenty of thrills – against scenic mountain backdrops.

This fun activity is the perfect way to test yourself while engaging in winter sports at their most exciting.

Making Snow Angels

The simple act of lying back in the snow and then moving your arms and legs so as to make a flawless snow angel outline brings out the child in everyone.

And when you rise again from your spot on the ground, gazing at what’s left behind, it feels like making a personal mark on winter itself.

This isn’t just fun; it’s also about connecting with the beauty of pristine-driven art that melts away almost before anyone has time to properly appreciate it. One of the best winter activities for kids.

Snowball Fight

Four teenagers planning outdoors on the snow.
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The ultimate in-winter entertainment is undoubtedly a snowball fight. It’s an impromptu, dynamic, and thrilling way for the whole family to have fun during the winter months.

Scooping up handfuls of snow, fashioning them into perfect spheres, and lobbing them at friends or family with abandon is bound to induce laughter and some friendly rivalry.

Tumbling out of the way, finding cover behind mounds of snow, and planning your next move – it’s a high-energy game that combines brains, fitness, and sheer happiness.

But it’s not just about victory. It’s about creating shared moments of hilarity as well as joyful experiences on chilly days. So much fun!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Tasting

Picture a cozy evening filled with the rich scent of homemade hot chocolate (or hot cocoa). This experience is more than just drinking something warm — it’s an opportunity to get creative and explore flavors.

From traditional, creamy cocoa to experimental concoctions infused with spices or peppermint, every cup is a voyage of discovery.

Add whipped cream, marshmallows, or a sprinkle of cinnamon on top, and you have transformed each mug into your very own winter treat. Delicious food.

It’s a comforting and delicious activity that’s perfect for inviting friends around to share stories – and warmth – on this chilly night.

Building a Snow Fort

Creating a snow fort is one of the great ideas, as much about architecture as fun in the snow. As you pile up the snow carve-out rooms and windows, it becomes not just something structural but somewhere secret for winter adventures.

Whether it’s just one wall for hiding during a snowball fight or an all-singing-all-dancing fortress, half the excitement comes from making decisions such as where to build extra features or how big things should be.

What’s nice about this winter activity is that both children and adults can join in – working together (or not) while problem-solving, playing games, or having good-natured competitions with each other.

Once finished, your snow fort will provide you with somewhere chilly but cool in which to hang out when the weather turns colder.

Winter Photography

Photographer taking photos.
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Capturing the serenely stunning beauty of winter is the essence of winter photography. With camera in hand, you step into a world where snow has blanketed everything and turned it white – creating a landscape against which all else stands out with stark contrast – bare trees and ice.

Soft light and unique shadows cast on snow offer endless opportunities for composition that will make your jaw drop.

What better way to show off frost’s delicate intricacies than capturing them on a window pane? And nothing says ‘vast expanse’ like an enormous white field.

Baking Winter Treats

If ever there were activities to warm both hands (and house) while filling it with fantastic smells, it would be baking winter treats.

Gingerbread cookies, cinnamon rolls – each recipe is a chance to make something delicious that much more so as you mix ingredients, roll out dough, and decorate the creations.

It’s not just cooking food; it’s making edible art that comforts and delights humans in equal measure. Perfect if you suffer from winter blues.

For those who have kids or want to teach someone how to bake—winter days are short (which can mean long nights). And what could be cozier than hanging around near an oven? Fireside chats taste good.


Winter is an ideal time to get creative and make something beautiful with your own hands. Whether you’re knitting a scarf, creating holiday decorations, or putting together a scrapbook, each project will bring its own charm and satisfaction.

As you choose materials, experiment with designs, and watch your creation come to life, crafting becomes a rewarding point of focus – perfect for cold days when it’s nice to be busy indoors.

Handmade crafts can also become heartfelt gifts or treasured keepsakes that embody the warmth and spirit of winter.

Reading By the Fireplace

Woman reading by the fire.
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If there’s one thing that immediately springs to mind when you think of ‘winter relaxation,’ it’s probably curling up in front of an open fire with a good book. The crackle of flames, soft lighting, and engrossing story combine in this wonderfully comforting activity.

Wrap yourself in a blanket, take up your favorite position on the sofa (or even better if you have one – pull up an armchair close enough so you feel all snug), then let yourself disappear into other worlds via some very simple technology indeed.

It is a lovely, quiet way to unwind from other kinds of screen time while enjoying one of life’s great pleasures – losing yourself within words on paper.

Hosting a Game Night

Hosting a game night during the winter season is an excellent opportunity to gather loved ones and friends together while ensuring laughter and fun.

It’s an evening where you get to entertain guests with classic board games, strategic card games, or interactive group activities that will fill your space with joyous cheers and camaraderie.

You can challenge each other, collaborate, and enjoy friendly competition while bonding over these fun things.

Game nights also extend beyond just playing board or card games; they offer experiences that create memories while keeping warm indoors.

Watching Winter Movies

Couple watching film on tablet.
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Snuggling up for a night of movies related to wintertime from the warmth of your home ensures you’re enjoying the season at its best without moving an inch.

From heartwarming classics to thrilling adventures taking place within snow-filled landscapes, films bring different tastes of winter magic right onto your screen.

As you sit wrapped in a blanket – maybe having popcorn or mulled wine – we guarantee seeing visuals celebrating all aspects of this time of year, including beauty, charm, spirit, and more.

This activity helps one relax but could even serve as inspiration when it comes to winter wonderland situations; both real-life and fictional take place before your eyes on movie nights.

Visiting a Winter Festival

Experiencing the spirit and vitality of a winter festival is an experience that few people can resist. You will find enchanting events, which can include dazzling lights, ice sculptures, seasonal treats, and drinks.

All these ingredients make for a lively atmosphere in which to wander through market stalls, listen to live music or performances and take part in unique activities only available during winter months.

It’s also about celebrating what makes winter wonderful with other people –the laughter, fun, and enjoyment on tap are infectious, even if you’re usually a bit of a Grinch over all things Christmassy.

Creating a Winter Scavenger Hunt

Tourists in the forest checking the map.
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A wintry twist on the popular treasure hunt theme gets everyone outside enjoying everything there is to love about colder weather (and then warming up later).

Making your own list of wintery items to find or tasks to complete transforms any walk into something more special, perfect for families, as it encourages kids to look around them and get involved with their surroundings.

Whether you’re searching out animal tracks in the snow, seeking different types of icicles, or coming up with playful challenges along the way – who can spot three robins? Who can make ten snowballs?

Scavenger hunting adds an element of exploration and entertainment to any day out when there’s frost nipping at your nose. A few hours of thrill and excitement

Snow Tubing

If you like to sled but want to take it up a notch, try snow tubing. Simply sit in an inflatable tube and slide down snowy slopes, spinning and laughing the whole way. It requires no prior skills or expensive equipment, so it's perfect for all ages.

The experience of zooming downhill gets even better when your ride is cushy yet maneuverable. The rush of speed plus the soft landing make snow tubing fun and safe, too.

Many ski resorts and winter parks have dedicated lanes for tubing; some even have lifts that pull you up so you can repeat the ride again and again.

Bird Watching

A beautiful goldfinch behind the snowy branch in winter.
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Winter bird watching offers a peaceful way to connect with nature during the less-populated months. Because many birds either migrate or change their habits in colder weather, there are different species and behaviors to observe.

Armed with binoculars (which don't have to be fancy) and perhaps a field guide or smartphone app (also optional), explore local forests or parks — even your own backyard will do just fine as long as trees are around.

Not only does watching birds on chilly days offer serenity, but it's educational, too. Observe how they survive winter conditions by finding food, staying warm, and coping with predators. Notice how colorful they may appear against snow-covered landscapes.

Listen closely: Some sing despite below-freezing temperatures. And watch them move—some creep along bark headfirst rather than hopping along branches like most other songbirds.

Knitting Or Crocheting

There’s something magical about knitting or crocheting during the winter. It’s like weaving together warmth and creativity, stitch by stitch.

As you create each loop, you’re not just making clothing or a cozy blanket; you’re also unwinding with a relaxing hobby that keeps your hands busy while freeing your mind.

The back-and-forth motion of the needles or hook can be almost meditative—something for which the short days and long nights of winter are particularly suited.

And when your project is done? The satisfaction won’t just come from basking in the warmth of wool—it’ll be because you made it yourself. Perfect for that chilly day.

Writing Winter Poetry Or Stories

What is it about snow-blanketed streets, bare branches reaching into grey skies, 6 pm darkness, and hearths blazing with coal and logs that makes us want to write poetry? Or stories?

Perhaps it’s because there’s something profound about introspection at this time of year – we’re led inwards by dark evenings and stillnesses broken only by bird calls outside our windows, inspired to explore our own emotional depths when nature operates on such a reduced scale.

Writing poetry about winter – its stark beauty as well as its coziness – captures this internal richness perfectly. Writing a story steeped in all things frosty allows us to revisit myths created by snow angels past.

Making a Gingerbread House

Constructing and decorating gingerbread houses is a festive and fun winter activity that combines creativity with the sweet pleasure of baking.

As you cut and assemble it, design your decorations, and apply icing - you’re not just building a house. You are creating an edible work of art.

You’re engaged in something that can be enjoyed alone or with others – turning a simple baking session into an event – as there’s so much to do. The aroma of gingerbread, the joy of decorating, and the pride in your creation make this a delightful way to celebrate winter.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Sandwiches and hamburger.
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Looking for an exciting physical challenge? Want to keep fit but prefer indoors when it gets cold? Indoor rock climbing fits the bill. Scaling walls at indoor climbing gyms pushes all kinds of buttons – strength, endurance, and problem-solving among them.

Each route presents its own challenges, too – so once one climb has been conquered (or failed), it feels like time to tackle another. It’s an exercise for both mind and body– making choices about which route to take quickly becomes habit-forming.

Beginners will start on easier climbs, while advanced climbers use indoor gyms as somewhere safe year-round where they can really push themselves physically.

Participating in a Winter Sports League

Welcome the season and join a winter sports league, such as ice hockey, curling, or skiing. It’s not just about the sport itself; it’s about being part of a team, sharing in the thrill of competition, and enjoying that all-important camaraderie.

You can challenge yourself with every game or event as you try to improve your skills while competing against others. Whether it’s for fun or something more serious, each week is a chance to stay active during those colder months and have some fun at the same time.

The joy of teamwork, excitement of playing, and spirit of friendly competition all ensure that participating in this kind of league is one little winter experience you will remember fondly.


Spread warmth during those colder months by volunteering – what better way is there to give back to your community? There are so many different ways you could get involved - helping out at your local shelter, perhaps organizing a food drive, or doing something special around the holidays.

This heartfelt act offers both purpose and connection – reminding us about giving and compassion. Not only does this benefit others who might be less fortunate than ourselves, but it enriches our lives, too.

That’s because we then feel fulfilled ourselves as well as grateful for what we do have during what can be an expensive time.

Taking an Outdoor Hot Tub

Woman relaxing in bathtub outdoor.
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Engaging yourself in a warm, bubbling outdoor hot tub during the winter months is truly restorative. The heat of the water contrasts with the crisp, cold air, making it feel doubly invigorating to relax and unwind while surrounded by white snow and scenery that’s pure Zen.

Using a hot tub outside when it’s chilly out is also undeniably glamorous. It can provide a welcome respite after hours spent skiing (or après-skiing) or be a destination all on its own, enjoyed—why not?—beneath a twinkling sky.

Winter Camping

Winter camping allows intrepid travelers to experience the outdoors when everything is at its quietest—and most ethereal. It requires special gear and prep work but can result in some seriously pretty landscapes.

Imagine waking up surrounded by untouched powder fields as a dusting of frost coats everything around you.

In addition to being beautiful, camping in winter offers other unique experiences like silence (winter forests are super-mute) and campfires that serve as cozy hangout spots rather than just marshmallow-roasting stations.

Finally, winter camping represents an opportunity for people with excellent survival skills—or aspirations to develop them—to show off their prowess or learn from others who have already done so.

Creating Ice Art

A snowflake on a glass from frost.
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Let your winter soul speak through ice art. How beautiful is it to manipulate and shape ice into sculptures or decorative pieces? As unique as the art form itself, ice artists work with a medium that is ever-changing.

Whether it’s carving intricate designs, assembling elegant ice lanterns, or painting vibrant pictures on slabs of frozen water, creating art from frozen water is a challenging yet rewarding pursuit.

The best part? Seeing your creation glistening on a sunny winter’s day is a reminder of the season’s sparkle and fleeting nature. This isn’t just crafting; it’s an interactive homage to winter, temporary crystalline beauty in all its glory.

Hosting a Tea Party

There are few things as cozy (and frankly sophisticated) during chillier months than hosting a tea party. It starts by bringing out your finest china or kitschy teacups, followed by brewing up an assortment of teas and preparing delicious finger foods (think delicate sandwiches or bite-sized quiches).

Those warm, aromatic teas play off beautifully against cold weather outside while creating an inviting ambiance at home for family or friends for some wintry gathering time.

Consider putting on soft lighting if you have it, along with gentle music playing softly in the background to help set the mood for good conversation, too.

Because really, this get-together isn’t simply about imbibing tea but rather savoring warmth and companionship amid colder days and nights.

Enjoying a Spa Day at Home

Beautiful girl with a towel using a beauty product.
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In the depths of winter, few things are quite as pampering and relaxing as transforming one’s space into a spa for the day.

Light some scented candles, play some soft music, and enjoy an array of treatments, such as face masks or hair conditioning treatments, while languishing in a bubble bath.

The warmth of the water combined with relaxation can provide an ideal antidote to the cold weather blues and stress. A spa day is also about taking quality time without refreshing the senses and emerging feeling ready to take on anything – without even leaving your home.

Doing a Home Improvement Project

On winter weekends, it’s easy to feel stuck indoors, but opting for something constructive can be rewarding – especially if you’re doing it yourself (DIY).

Whether you choose to paint a room, have a decluttering session, or make decorations by hand, these tasks bring instant refreshment and accomplishment.

Plus, there’s creative inspiration along the way, not to mention new skills that could prove useful later on down life’s long road. It’s all about altering your environment just so – plus having fun along the way.

Taking an Art Class

Taking an art class in winter is a superb method of exploring your creativity and acquiring further skills.

Irrespective of whether it’s painting, pottery, or photography that takes your fancy, the artwork module offers the chance to fashion something attractive with support and stimulation close at hand.

You’ll uncover a unique way to articulate yourself while you lose yourself in making art – and you’ll have company, too, surrounded by kindred spirits all dedicated to crafting something beautiful.

It isn’t just about what you end up with; it’s about finding satisfaction in the journey towards self-expression – which will surely make those wintery days more vividly engaging.

Visiting Local Museums

Visiting local museums in the winter is an educationally rich experience. Museums open up different worlds, whether it’s art, history, culture, or science.

Exploring exhibitions and collections feels like going on a journey where you learn new things and see the world through someone else’s eyes.

It’s also an indoor activity that can be engaging and inspiring, especially on days when the weather outside is not inviting. Besides, many museums have special winter exhibits or events happening at this time of year that really make each visit unique.

In short, it’s a way to spend your day that will leave you feeling like you’ve done something fulfilling for yourself – expanding your knowledge and appreciation of the wonders around you.


With winter comes a variety of opportunities to create unforgettable memories. Each activity we’ve explored offers its own distinctive way for you to make the most of this time of year’s beauty and charm.

Whether you’re after excitement, fancy hunkering down inside, or want something that’ll bring out your creative side – there’s something here to inspire everyone over the coming months.

Remember, winter isn’t just about hibernation; it’s packed with chances for laughter, fun, and making precious memories. So wrap up warm, step outside (or stay in), and let us help you make this winter one to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Activities Do People Do in the Winter?

During the winter, people enjoy a range of activities such as ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, making snowmen, and having snowball fights. Indoor pursuits include baking, crafting, and reading – all done with a hot drink to hand.

How Do You Create a Fun Winter Activity?

To make your winter activity more enjoyable, add a creative spin or personal touch. For example, turn an ordinary walk into a photographic challenge or give a regular game of snowball fighting a theme. Embrace what makes the season special in what you’re doing.

What Do You Do on a Cold Day in Winter?

Some popular options for staying entertained indoors on chilly wintry days include reading by the fireplace, cooking up delicious treats, getting crafty, and hosting movie nights. Outdoor enthusiasts might go for brisk walks, try out snowshoeing, or engage in some wintertime photography.

What Do People Do in Cold Weather?

Skiing, ice-skating, and hiking remain popular outdoor choices when temperatures plummet. People who prefer staying inside enjoy cooking projects as well as curling up with books and board games – opting for indoor pursuits that offer warmth and comfort.