Creativity Games And Exercises to Improve Teamwork

Teamwork is the foundation of any thriving organization. However, even when teams are working harmoniously together, they can still benefit from a spark of creativity to keep their cooperation alive and energized.

Games and exercises are the perfect way to achieve just that. They will lead to laughter and help build key skills such as problem-solving - all in a fun-filled atmosphere together.

Here, we intend to cover 20+ awesome games and exercises meant for teams that take their level of productivity several notches up by actively stimulating creative thinking skills amongst group members.

So brace yourself for these engaging team-building activities that promise a memorable experience that will keep all involved from start to finish!


What Is Creativity?

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Creativity is the competence to bring forth unique, valuable, and original ideas, solutions, or expressions. It is thinking beyond conventions, disregarding traditions, and anticipating novel possibilities.

Creativity can be expressed in many ways, such as through artistry, music composition, and writing pieces of literature – all while problem-solving efficiently or innovating masterfully.

In this case, the best example is Apple Inc., where the founder, Steve Jobs, had picked up an existing concept of mobile phones and added his "creative juices." His work created new benchmarks for other devices existing in the market.

He thus incorporated the famous touchscreen interface with multi-functional applications and attractive design features that revolutionized how people are using their mobiles!

Further, creativity is not unlimited as applicable to the industries or industries alone; it also extends into the lives where it requires creative ideas.

Whether it must be your struggles at the workplace or devising marketing plans for product launches – capturing creativity unleashes thinking analytically but acting boldly, always expecting remarkable results!

Why Are Creative Exercises Important for Team Members?

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Creative exercises play quite an important role among team members, as they help stimulate their minds and develop innovative ideas or even sharpen their problem-solving skills.

All of these initiatives provide networking and, in fact, create an atmosphere of greater cooperation among the members so that all can express their ideas and views about a certain thing.

Creative exercises can unchain routine thought processes. They help gear up enthusiasm levels to face difficult situations and improve processes to uplift motivation levels.

Building high levels of trust within a team, creativity exercises create morale and ultimately push productivity levels higher. Ultimately, these activities contribute to the overall growth and success of both individuals and the team as a whole.

20+ Team Building Activities That Promote Creative Thinking

Did you read the information above and strive to boost creative thinking and teamwork within your team? We've collected 20+ fun, interactive activities to develop abstract thinking and increase creative activity!

From invigorating brainstorming sessions to stimulating problem-solving challenges - these exercises will help unlock the team's creativity and build creative thinking skills!

Story Cubes

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Story Cubes is an exciting and creative team-building exercise that will develop your imagination! The small game includes the dice having different pictures on each one of its sides.

Players take turns rolling the dice that must construct a narrative — pushing them to think outside of the box of what they are seeing.

This is an awesome way for single individuals and groups to sharpen their storytelling skills and divergent thinking, making it enjoyable in the process, too!

Story Cubes are instrumental in promoting teamwork by pulling the players together. A simplistic yet powerful approach can bring forth untold potential within one's imagination - giving an unlimited opportunity to tell a story like never before!

Reverse Brainstorming

Rather than developing breakthrough ideas, reverse brainstorming takes the traditional exercise and turns it on its head by making the requirement for a team to think up ways to make the problem worse.

This unconventional process allows each participant to challenge those assumptions and step out of the usual thinking course to come up with new insights, creating new solutions.

It not only sparks creativity and critical thinking but also lets them pre-determine the obstacles they can encounter - equipping them with strong strategies to overcome those. It's an engaging exercise that tempts prospects to solve well at the same time!

Turn Back Time!

Turn Back Time is a challenging team-building experience that boosts reflection, improvement, and growth. This activity allows digging up a past scenario or decision-making process and challenging the team to revisit it with newfound knowledge and experience.

By taking the participants back in time, they can reflect on their part of the action and look at what point they went wrong and how they should have acted.

This creative exercise not only promotes free interaction and working together but also promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Turning back in time will allow each team member to learn from past mistakes and make improved decisions in the present, ultimately driving the bones for future success.

Sales Exercise

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A sales exercise is a practical activity designed to improve individuals' or teams' selling skills and techniques. Here, team members can generate as many ideas from as many circles as possible to make a successful deal!

This often requires simulating real-life sales scenarios where the participants must demonstrate their performance and selling skills, approach and communicate with potential customers, speak about product benefits, overcome objections, and close deals.

Sales exercises can often be role-playing exercises. Eventually, these activities increase confidence amongst the participants and help in promoting communicative skills while making them persuasive in their sales pitch.

Because they create a simulated environment where selling can be fleshed out, making sales exercises is potent enough to give a person a hands-on selling ability so that one can learn what works and does not work in the sales approach.

Random Word Association

Random Word Association is another exciting and creative exercise that stirs the birth of new ideas and initiates different forms of thinking.

It's a simple exercise whereby a random word is given to the participants, and they have to connect it swiftly with other words or the best ideas that come to their mind.

This exercise increases cognitive flexibility, bringing out surprising associations and unifying ideas not initially related. With these diverse associates, there crops new interpretations, one more creative when seeking other answers.

Word association can be done individually to inspire personal ideation, or used in group settings to enable brainstorming and collective innovativeness.

Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats is an innovative idea-generation game developed by Edward de Bono. It provides for taking different "hats," each representing a particular type of thinking for every group member.

These hats are figuratively worn in one's mind as they discuss their points of view - ranging from rational thought (white hat) and instinctive creativity (green hat) to critical analysis (black hat), among others.

With this range of approaches, teams may look from many angles and viewpoints into a problem or concept that guarantees the expression of ideas that will be varying, either conflicting or conforming and, in turn, will present complete answers.

Six Thinking Hats improves effective communication skills between the members of a team. It helps break down the barriers and set up an environment that is more friendly to creativity and open-mindedness.

Office Trivia

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Creating a nostalgic vibe yet updated ambiance, Office Trivia brings harmonious, friendly, active competition in the working area.

Being inspired by a forever-remembered popular comedy series on television, The Office, the game stimulates players to put their understanding of the characters, the best moments it showcased, and unforgettable quotes to test-helping them earn points for every right answer.

It provides an opportunity for fun and a platform upon which teammates play in synergy as they look back for answers to factual questions and generate ideas – definitely fostering strong bonds!

It will bring smiles all around your office's creative space while boosting morale and establishing a positive atmosphere.

Group Poem Creation

Group poem creation is an interesting team-building activity where players are allowed to unleash their artistic side as they express their feelings in poems.

From this exercise, a group of people would work together to create a poem, whereby each person adds a line or stanza to respond to the given prompt or theme.

This creative process promotes active listening, effective communication, and teaming as every member adds up ideas of people to shape the poem collectively.

Group poem creation improves group collaboration and brings forward the uniqueness of each individual. It's an engaging way to spark your team's imagination, deepen the connections among your team members, and come together to create something quite beautiful.

Karaoke Night

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The karaoke night is an enjoyable experience that simply brings out the diva or even the rockstar in you. Whether they are soulful ballads or anthems that should be screamed, it's a fun way to really let your hair down!

You will be given a chance to demonstrate your singing skills - whether they are awesome or just funny, while taking turns at the microphone on generally well-known songs.

This creative technique not only boosts confidence and self-expression but also promotes team bonding as colleagues participate in showcasing talents, filled with laughter, cheers, and applause, creating unforgettable memories.

So, why not step on stage today? Get ready to unleash your inner superstar – karaoke night awaits!

Two-Minute Sketches

Two-minute sketches are a super fun activity that provides a thrilling and lively way to express your creativity and develop critical thinking skills in just two minutes!

The perfect way to challenge you - pushes yourself beyond your comfort zone, improves eye-hand coordination, and instigates instant ideas.

It is a great opportunity for everyone, either a professional artist or a beginner painter, to be liberated from perfectionism while at the same time letting creative juices flow.

This can become even more exhilarating as they let their creativity run wild when people need to capture their concept with few lines within so little time with this quick-paced activity!


Earth-Ball is a rather interesting and attention-capturing player game, uniting intellectual tension with physical activity. The game represents a giant ball created from rubber, which looks like planet Earth.

Employees collaborate together as a team to safely navigate the ball through an obstacle course and pass it between players without dropping it.

Such an exercise helps promote communication, coordination, creativity training, and strategic thinking since everyone in the team must collaborate to overcome the challenge of achieving a common goal.

Earth-Ball promotes active participation and physical activity, but it also inspires a sense of environmental awareness and the importance of working together to keep our planet safe.

Collaborative Lego Building

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Building with Lego is collective work and interactive play, which inducts teamwork and innovation. The participants acting as a team get together to build a structure or problem solver with Lego bricks.

This exercise calls for good communication, problem-solving, and collaboration skills from team members to pool their ideas and skills together to create a unified creation.

Collaborative Lego building welcomes innovation in the team and enables the employees to think out of the box, allowing them to express their own opinions.

Moreover, it motivates participation, enlightens the competitive spirit, and brings unity among various team members.

Creative Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a great way to visualize and organize ideas. Players can start by writing the main theme or concept right in the middle of a blank page or whiteboard. Then, they should branch out with related keywords or sub-topics.

The next step is linking and drawing their ideas using colors, symbols, and even pictures. The fact that they can flow with the ideas without judgment encourages free thinking. One can explore all the ideas from different perspectives and different links as they fill the mind map.

In so doing, some creativity in the thinking and problem-solving of the participants is ensured. It's a great tool for brainstorming creative teams, planning projects, and exploring new possibilities.

Birthday Line Up

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Birthdays are a great opportunity to celebrate and bond with colleagues, so why not bring the same spirit of festivity into the workplace? The Birthday Line Up is an ideal team-building activity that does just that.

It encourages communication and problem-solving per se – all the participants are asked to follow the line chronologically based on their birth date (month and day).

This exercise further breaks down hierarchies while encouraging collaboration and boosting morale by providing an environment where everybody can feel proud of achieving something together.

This would not only help solidify stronger coworker-to-coworker relationships, but it would even boost productivity as workers are more engaged and motivated.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are adrenaline-pumping, collaborative, real-life gaming experiences that develop your own critical thinking and improve the power of your own creativity.

Teams enter a thematic room where puzzles will be solved within 60 minutes – decode clues, unlock padlocks, and unravel hidden mysteries.

This is an interesting exercise since it improves such communicative skills as well as problem-solving and strategic planning abilities, which are enriched by the race against time.

This is not just exciting but also an excellent group-building exercise. This creative problem-solving activity helps improve the group dynamics while bonding with colleagues through collaboration.

Invent a Product

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Working together as a team to invent something is an incredibly stimulating and inspiring experience that can truly bring out the best in promoting creativity and collaboration.

The game starts by splitting everyone into groups, each of which has been challenged to come up with unique product ideas.

After they’ve gathered their thoughts, each group develops its own design or prototype – if feasible – while exploring how it might address existing problems or meet unfulfilled needs within the market.

It’s amazing what people can accomplish when working side-by-side: communication flows freely, resources are optimally utilized, and different perspectives are combined to create something new!

There’s no denying this game encourages teamwork - indeed, it brings out those qualities we all have inside us but don’t always know exist until put to use - offering exciting rewards for players who take part!

Themed Doodles

Themed Doodles are rather an intelligent way to rev up the team member's creativity. One gets a fresh Themed Doodle prompt related to an interesting theme daily.

Not only does this improve problem-solving by making brainstorming easier and getting to work together in a fun atmosphere - but it also promotes unique ideas while encouraging bonds between the workmates!

It breaks away from the monotonous, fostering creativity and togetherness across the workplace.

Sketching either on paper or digitally allows co-workers to share their vision while at the same time injecting something new into each other's daily workflows - what more do you need?

Group Haiku

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Group Haiku is a team-building tool and also an opener to the collective imagination. It involves the composition of a three-line traditional Japanese poem with 5-7-5 syllables, allowing thoughtful brevity and giving space to express the widest possible range of attitudes together, which, therefore, develops a powerful sense of touch.

In this way, teams can unite and honor the differing viewpoints of all by bringing together each person's individual contribution to form a unified haiku.

The result? It is an incredible piece of art that will capture the creativity and ingenuity of your entire team-helping you foster relationships within the group while fostering innovative thinking.

One-Word Storytelling

Encourage your team’s creativity as they work together with One-Word Storytelling! This fun activity is designed to force participants to think fast, cooperate, and practice active listening skills by adding a word to describe the scene at each turn.

Creativity, flexibility, and unity develop with every new layer of the story – all that in a dynamic yet playful atmosphere. What better way to foster communication capacities and inventiveness in problem-solving? Plus, you’ll get plenty of laughs along the way!

With its many advantages for teams, big or small, One Word Storytelling is guaranteed to inspire the best collective creativity.

Mystery Box Challenge

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The Mystery Box Challenge is such an exciting way to build teamwork, spur creativity, and identify critical leadership skills. In this game, teams are issued with a sealed box of surprise items and are required to develop original uses or solutions for those given items.

This exercise stimulates out-of-the-box thinking, collaboration, and resourcefulness - pushing teams to access their joint ingenuity while adopting limited resources in real time!

The mystery element fuels excitement and urgency, making it the perfect tool to sharpen group dynamics and stimulate inventive ideas.

The Minefield

Navigating the Minefield is a team-building activity, but a very high-level one that focuses on painstaking communication, trust, and problem-solving.

The participants devise strategies as they attempt to walk to avoid falling into the various apparent traps in their way, moving across a defined area covered with hidden objects or traps that may be simulated mines.

In this activity, partners will take turns guiding their blindfolded teammate through the hazardous course using only verbal instructions, as the person relies on their partner’s guidance to navigate safely out of danger!

This encourages clear communication and builds upon mutual trust while strengthening effective teamwork as they seek ways to minimize any “explosions” along the way.


Creative games and exercises greatly boost teamwork and innovation in a group. They push everyone across collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills toward the creation of a lively team environment.

From hosting trivia nights in your office to building that classic Lego tower, each and every game was a unique reason for the team members to come together and let their minds loose.

For that matter, embrace the power of games and creativity exercises and watch your team blossom through excellent teamwork and innovation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Creative Thinking Activities?

Engaging in some creative thinking activities can be a wonderful way to stimulate the development of innovative ideas, polish problem-solving abilities, and improve imagination. From brainstorming get-togethers tapping into our collective imaginations to artistic exercises that open us up to new perspectives, these activities are built to bring out the best of our unique potential.

How Do You Teach Creative Thinking?

To develop creative thinking, different methods, including a brainstorming session, lateral thinking puzzles, and techniques of idea-generating, should be introduced. In addition, an environment that is open to exploration with no biased opinion will further reinforce and foster innovative thinking.

What Activity Improves Creativity?

Being involved in activities such as Mind Mapping, Role Reversal, and Lego Building can be quite energizing to the mind. In getting it to view issues differently, the activities generate new thoughts and leave room for Eureka moments past mental barriers, which may have proved to inhibit forward motion towards attainment.

What Are Good Creative Activities?

Art project creation, collaborative team meetings, brainstorming sessions, improve exercises, and puzzles are the best examples of how we can challenge ourselves to take risks and discover new perspectives. Engaging in such activities not only helps us expand our horizons beyond conventional boundaries but also, at the same time, fine-tune our skills for divergent thinking - a perfect recipe for fostering creativity.