How to Help Navigate Your Career Path - 6 Podcasts

Podcasts have become a popular medium for learning and self-improvement in recent years and are an excellent resource for navigating your career path. However, knowing where to start with many shows can be challenging. This blog post will highlight six podcasts that can help you explore different career paths, develop new skills, and stay motivated.

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Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

1. Career Tools

Career Tools is a popular podcast by the team at Manager Tools, a training and consulting firm specializing in management and career development. The podcast covers various topics, from resume writing and job searching to interview skills and workplace communication. The hosts, Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne have a wealth of experience in the business world and offer practical advice for professionals at all levels.

2. Manager Tools

Manager Tools is a companion podcast to Career Tools, focusing on management and leadership skills. The show covers effective delegation, coaching and feedback, and team building. The hosts use real-world examples and anecdotes to illustrate their points and offer actionable advice that listeners can apply in their workplaces.

3. HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business Review's IdeaCast features interviews with business leaders and experts on various leadership, management, and career development topics. The show offers insights on various topics, from managing stress and building resilience to negotiating salaries and building networks. The interviews are informative and engaging, and the guests provide valuable advice that can be applied to various careers.

4. the Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show is a popular podcast hosted by author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss. The show features interviews with high achievers from various fields, including business, sports, entertainment, and more. Ferriss is known for his in-depth and thoughtful conversations, and he often asks his guests about their habits, routines, and strategies for success. The show is a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to achieve more in their career.

5. the Creative Penn

The Creative Penn is a podcast for writers and creatives hosted by author and entrepreneur Joanna Penn. The show covers a wide range of writing, publishing, and entrepreneurship topics, and it features interviews with successful authors, publishers, and marketers. Penn is a knowledgeable and engaging host, and her guests offer practical advice for writers and creatives looking to build their careers.

6. the School of Greatness

The School of Greatness is a podcast by author and entrepreneur Lewis Howes. The show features interviews with successful people from various fields, including business, sports, and entertainment. Howes is a skilled interviewer, and he asks his guests about their personal journeys, struggles and successes, and their strategies for achieving greatness. The show is an excellent source of motivation and inspiration for anyone looking to achieve their career goals.

Plenty of podcasts can help you navigate your career path, develop new skills, and stay motivated. The six shows we've highlighted here offer a range of insights and advice from various perspectives, and they are worth checking out. Whether you're a new graduate just starting or an experienced professional looking to make a change, there's something here for everyone. So fire up your favorite podcast app and start listening!