Best Startup Companies

2020 has seen many disruptions that have destroyed lives and businesses. It has changed our way of living, working, and interacting with each other. However, with unexpected challenges, human creativity thrives and results in new ideas that help us overcome them.

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This article reveals the best startup companies that have performed exceptionally well, attracting a lot of attention, new employees, and investments.

The last year highlighted the importance of going online for every business. Many new ideas focus on remote solutions and help with work from home, online education, and robotic delivery.

Some significant trends from earlier years continue to be popular; many new tech startups focus on artificial intelligence, data science, and fintech solutions.

Also, in 2021 new companies need to pay attention to the sustainability, environmental, and social impact of their business.

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So, here is the list of the best startups everybody should know in 2021:

Best Startups to Watch in 2021


It's like a smart chatbot integrated with an intelligent ticketing system.

A drawing version of a computer screen where human users ask question, and the AI bots answering it.
Picture from Capacity website

Capacity is a new kind of helpdesk, powered by state-of-the-art natural language processing and artificial intelligence, that automates support for customers and employees.

It continuously learns from organizational knowledge and the interactions within the business to automate helpdesk, processes, and decisions in real-time.

In addition to simplifying how support teams filter, organize, and answer inquiries, Capacity's helpdesk was designed to deflect tickets from being created in the first place.

Recently, a mortgage provider, AmeriSave, worked with Capacity to create an online persona, which they call Aussie, that resonates with its customers. By creating this persona, they could help their customers to have their questions answered immediately 24/7, without being stuck on a phone or waiting for an email response. Assisted by Capacity's solution, AmeriSave could focus on scaling and building their business.

They have received $34.5 million in funding from and Rice Park Capital.


It's like video calling with interactive augmented reality tools.

A user is holding a tablet in the kitchen, the camera recording the view and adds interactive controls to objects.
Picture from Streem website

Streem is a remote video collaboration tool for on-demand experts around you.

Imagine that a kitchen appliance breaks down in your home. You can use Streem to connect to a home service professional through a video call. The professional can see what you're seeing and guide you through potentially the fix, or at least the assessment using augmented reality. For example, he can use a laser pointer or a virtual arrow to anchor to the real world.

Streem records various insights, such as dimensions of the object of interest, model numbers. Using this information, the professional can order the correct parts without an actual visit.

Companies that use Streem interactive video for remote sales and estimates radically transform their sales pipeline, reduce the cost and time to quote, and improve their overall conversion timeline.

With Streem's help, British Gas delivered a better experience for their energy customers during a pandemic using interactive video for remote estimates. By keeping their B2B teams working during COVID-19, British Gas cut down sales times and continued to safely support their most vulnerable customers. Using remote video appointments for B2B estimates, British Gas was able to boost agent capacity for quotes—offering customers a safer, faster option while reducing expensive travel. Shorter response times increased customer engagement and slashed time-to-revenue.

They have received $10.5 million in funding from Flying Fish Partners and Loup Ventures.


It's like local delivery with self-driving vehicles.

A child is unloading groceries from a small electronic vehicle.
Picture from Nuro website

Nuro is one of the leading autonomous delivery companies; they develop and operate self-driving vehicles for local goods transportation. Their delivery solutions use efficient, electric, and on-road vehicles to quickly, safely, and affordably transport goods.

Recently Nuro has joined forces with CVS Pharmacy to help them with delivery during the pandemic. It has become increasingly important for people — from senior citizens to adults to children — to safely access prescriptions and other things they need without needing to leave their homes.

CVS customers in the Houston pilot area can place prescription orders and non-prescription items on their website. If they select the autonomous delivery option, one of Nuro’s autonomous vehicles will deliver the purchase curbside at the customer’s address within three hours. To ensure the security of their prescriptions, customers will need to confirm their identity to unlock their delivery when Nuro’s autonomous vehicle arrives curbside at their preferred location.

They have received a massive $1.5 billion in funding from SoftBank, Greylock Capital, and other investors.


It's like a search engine for sales leads.

A drawing version of a computer screen, filled with human readable questions, and the seamless tool is returning the answers.
Picture from Seamless.AI website

It takes a lot of time to look for potential contacts, and once they're found, it's very tough to find the email or phone number for them. After that, it's difficult to build personal relationships with them. These problems cost a lot of money for the sales industry.

Seamless.AI researches the web just like a salesperson does, but with the help of artificial intelligence at scale. It is the world's first and only real-time search engine for B2B contact information. Find verified emails & direct dials, book more appointments, and win more sales!

As a user, you can put all the ideal customer criteria, and Seamless will find all contacts and companies you should be working with. Then Seamless searches for insights that can be used to build meaningful and profitable relationships at scale.

For insights, Seamless searches many digital platforms, thousands of news sites, basically anything digital out there; if a professional has done anything online, seamless will find that information and connect it to that person.

They have received $300 thousand in funding from Loud Capital and Break Trail Ventures, and other investors.


It's like a fitness tracker for mental health.

3 pictures of mobile phone screens, first one welcomes the user, the second one allows the user to record its mood, and the third one shows colorful achievement screen for congratulating the user to use the software.
Picture from NeuroFlow website

NeuroFlow is a scalable care management solution for measurement-based behavioral health. Its main goal to make mental health a part of physical health.

The platform enables health care providers to objectively assess, track and engage patients using evidence-based practices to support their mental health. It equips behavioral health providers with an effective tool that has been missing from their workflow.

Patients via the mobile application can learn relaxation techniques, keep a journal, track mood, and engage with their health — the application rewards with gift cards for making progress. The health care professionals can remotely monitor the progress and intervene when it's necessary. This results in more productive face-to-face visits for patients and health care professionals.

NeuroFlow enabled doctors during the lockdowns and quarantines to help their patients more effectively with anxiety.

They have received $31 million in funding from Builders VC and Magellan Health Services, and other investors.