The Highest Selling NFTs of 2022

As the world progresses, the traditional practices of various fields are now being left behind. One such field is asset accumulation. There is a wide range of assets one can invest in. However, that range has remained constant for several years until the introduction of NFTs.

Two white bubles are merging in front of a black background.
The cover picture of the Merge NFT from the niftygateway

NFTs are digital art that represents digital assets. An upside of NFTs is that they are rapidly increasing in value. Although NTFs were first introduced in 2012, it was only recently that their popularity soared worldwide. As a result, their values skyrocketed, making them the highest grossing digital assets. Let us look at the top NFTs of 2022 that were sold for unimaginable amounts.

The Merge NFT

Murat Pak, a famous digital artist who goes by the pseudonym of Pak, created the highest selling NFT not only in 2022 but the topmost expensive NFT to date. Pak has been in digital art and cryptocurrency for a long time. His previous works also garnered considerable attention, but The Merge was a digital art piece that stole the show. It was sold for a whopping $91.8 million.

Everydays: the First 5000 Days

This digital art form is the most mind-boggling yet intriguing NFT ever created. Beeple, the artist who culminated this NFT, started working on it in 2017. Since then, he has been releasing digital art every year. This continued until 2022, when Beeple acquired a total of 5000 digital art pieces. He then compiled them into one NFT titled, Everyday: The First 5000 Days. Finally, the immense hard work of Beeple bore fruit when this NFT was sold for $69 million, a price deemed fit for the splendid piece of art.

Human One NFT

Another exemplary work of digital art by Beeple that has made it to the list of highest selling NFTs of 2022 is Human One. The unique selling point of this outstanding digital art is that it is not just a picture. Instead, it is a video sculpture created in correspondence to NFTs. Another feature that would leave you in utmost admiration of Beeple’s talent is developing artwork that would keep changing with time. Therefore, it can be concluded that this piece of digital art is the best of its time. Thus, the NFT was sold for an enormous amount of $28.9 million.

CryptoPunk NFT #7523

The CryptoPunk NFT has been gathering massive amounts of attention in recent years. It is also one of the most prominent NFTs on social media platforms. The CryptoPunk features nine blue-skinned alien punks that rule the discussions on NFTs. CryptoPunk 7523 introduces one of the nine aliens who can be seen sporting a beanie, a golden stud, and a gray facemask. This NFT was $11.7 million to one of DraftKings’ shareholders.


NFTs are the hot topic and the ruling choice when considering investments in digital assets. These rare pieces of digital art continue to surprise audiences with their brilliant aesthetics and their unbelievable selling amounts.